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July 24, 2020

Guitars are machines, after all, and machines require maintenance. Gerry Hayes. Steve Blundon explains his complete guitar intonation process step-by-step for those who want to setup their own instrument. This enables proper tone and resolves playability problems such as incorrect intonation, fret buzz, fret out, rough fret ends, incorrect string height and pickup height. What is Included in a Guitar Setup? I record this information for reference while making adjustments. On a traditional Fender Telecaster, there are only three … Wonky intonation isn’t uncommon. String compensation. This is why you can see an acoustic guitar saddle angles back as it goes from treble to bass strings. Installing a pre-made drop in compensated saddle is usually … To learn more about John’s repair and restoration workshops for players, … What's going on here, then? Guitar Repair. To complete a more precise … To set intonation, locate the screw that allows you to change the position of the saddle. On most electric instruments, you’ll likely have adjustable saddles to easily compensate each string. John LeVan has written five guitar repair books published by Mel Bay. Especially climate. Only after any issues that can contribute to poor intonation are corrected do I may further adjustments to the nut and/or saddle. A guitar setup is a formal process which requires many guitar tech specialty tools. Adjusting this alters the actual length of the string. We could talk about equal temperament concerns and mathematical subdivisions of scale-length and whatnot, but it would get dull quickly. Acoustic Guitar Intonation. Time to break up all this Burlesque talk with something a little different. When correcting poor intonation on an acoustic guitar I use an electronic tuner to evaluate the strings tuning at the 12th fret. His best seller, Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair, is a hands-on guide with a forward by Bob Taylor.John also authored PG’s Guitar Shop 101 column, hosted several PG DIY videos, and is an authorized warranty technician trainer for Taylor Guitars. Saddle on acoustic guitar angles to allow bigger strings more compensation . You can correct a string’s intonation by moving the saddle away from … Intonation. Intonation refers to the accuracy of the pitches produced by fretting. Even under normal circumstances, periodic intonation is usually necessary, and it is in fact one of the main elements of a setup, which is perhaps the single best … 11 October 2012. HOW to setup INTONATION? Inspecting and cleaning keeps your guitar looking great and can uncover hidden or potential problems. Your guitar is subject to environmental conditions and occurrences that continually mess with its intonation. Installing A Compensated Saddle. On Fender Stratocaster or other guitars equipped with tune-o-matic bridges, each of the individual saddles has its own screw to set position. For example, if you play the 12th fret, the resulting note should be exactly an octave higher than the open string. On most guitars, intonation is adjustable at the bridge. Suffice it to say, tuning on any fretted … It's a bug-bear for some. Some guitars are more or less flexible in this regard (and we'll get to … If the 12th-fret note is slightly higher than an octave, your string is fretting sharp; if the 12th-fret note is slightly lower than an octave, the string is fretting flat.

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