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July 24, 2020

How can we internationalise its text? Apple Developer Documentation. The “UI” part is a prefix, and it comes from “UIKit”. For instance, we can learn: When you scroll down, you can also see a bunch of related documentation. He teaches app developers how to build their own apps at You can reach most documentation via, and you won’t need a Developer Account to access them. Articles like these make the Apple Developer Documentation so helpful. Developer Docs on Classes and Functions. Beta Software This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology in development. Rosetta is meant to ease the transition to Apple silicon, giving you time to create a universal binary for your app. Home » Blog » App Development » How To Use Apple’s Developer Documentation for Fun and Profit, Written by Reinder de Vries on August 3 2020 in App Development, iOS. If you haven’t checked it out before, make sure you do – there’s a lot in here that helps your understanding of iOS development and design. iOS 11 has a brand new App Store design, and that comes with new marketing features. See those views in the above screenshot? Most developers think that the Human Interface Guidelines are design rules that your app needs to follow. Are you starting to get a sense of how huge the documentation really is? Reinder de Vries is a professional iOS developer. Going back to the class overview page, there’s a few more things that stand out: Deprecation means that a class, function or property (“API”) has been marked for removal in a future version. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, and its fundamental knowledge you need to have. When we scroll down or use the on-page navigation, we can read a whole lot about the use of labels. The Human Interface Guidelines contains a lot more information, and it’s especially helpful to see what the default way of designing iOS apps is. At the left, we see that properties and functions have been categorised. Marketing is a big part of building apps too! If you’re a bit like me, you also use Google to find the most basic things about iOS development. Other documentation is a bit more hidden, like Apple’s own iOS app design templates and device mockups. Here’s what I find helpful and interesting: An often overlooked piece of documentation is iTunes Developer Help. Handling 3D Interaction and UI Controls in Augmented Reality, Making the most of your App Store product page, How to Create a Free Apple Developer Account, How To: Market Research For Your App Idea, How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your App, How To Download, Install and Update Xcode. You can use the resources on this page as documentation for the Swift language. You can see their names, types, parameters and description. These components are used uniformly throughout iOS frameworks, so you can rely on standardised UI and interaction. Moreover, when you’re confused about how to design a particular feature in your app, you can use the guidelines as a basis. To the user, Rosetta is mostly transparent. Precede the structure’s declaration with the @main attribute to indicate that your custom App protocol conformer provides the entry point into your app. It’s super helpful for understanding Swift features and syntax, although it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Developer Footer This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is … Ask Question Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. October 28, 2019 … Table view controllers, collection view controllers, navigation controllers, tab bar controllers – it’s all there. If you’re a bit like me, you also use Google to find the … Since 2009 he has developed a few dozen apps for iOS, worked for global brands and lead development at several startups. Overview. There used to be an option in Apple's developer … To receive the latest developer news, visit and subscribe to our News and Updates. 4. Let’s take a look at the docs for UIKit. If you think that a developer doesn’t concern herself with design, think again! You’ll find both overviews, that explain topics and concepts, and API references, that show you how classes and functions of these SDKs work. That “2.0+” means: version 2.0 of iOS and higher. Use AVFoundation with built-in support for captioning and audio descriptions during the … When you’re just starting out with iOS development, simple explanations like the ones below can make a big difference. Active 4 years, 6 months ago. Build apps, libraries, frameworks, plug-ins, and other executable code that run natively on Apple silicon. Apple hosts additional resources for learning Swift—such as videos, sample code and playgrounds, and additional documentation… The sum is greater than its parts, as they say, and you’ll find that getting a grip on an unrelated iOS topic helps your understanding of the components, concepts and frameworks you come across. You can download Photoshop and Sketch files with graphics templates for every Apple platform, and you can download device mockups – images of iPhones – to use in your marketing. Rosetta is a translation process that allows users to run apps that contain x86 _64 instructions on Apple silicon. Get the most from our primary reference to UIKit and more. You don’t need to Google every iOS development question all the time. If you’re coding iOS apps, and you’ve never read this page… READ IT NOW! It supports offline mode, integrates with Xcode, and it can even search StackOverflow for questions about a particular topic. An SDK is the “package” that code is housed in. Apple Developer Forums admins can mark replies as Apple Recommended to indicate an approved solution. These are obvious of course, but it’s still faster to look them up in the documentation than it is to Google for “how to change label text color.”. Building apps is as much about writing code, as it is about creating great UI/UX. How to read Apple’s developer documentation. Try it! Whenever you Google a Swift class name, like SKProduct or UISwitch you’ll often find an Apple Developer Documentation page as the first search result. At the top of the page you can switch between Swift and Objective-C. On most pages, classes, structs, functions, enums, frameworks etc. can all be clicked to dive in deeper. It’s always recommended to upgrade your code when you see a deprecation notice. Browse the latest developer documentation, including tutorials, sample code, articles, and API reference. It has helpful pages about iTunes Connect, and also explains how paid apps, In-App Purchases, App Analytics and App Store promotions work. The function still works right now, but if you use it you risk that it won’t work in the future. Explore New Content. Download Apple developer documentation as PDF files. Paul Hudson January 18th 2019 @twostraws. You’ll need to log in with your Apple Developer Program account ($99/yr) to read it. Take the Interface Essentials, for instance. It also features documentation for every public Apple framework – often denoted as “-kit” – such as ARKit, GameKit and MapKit. Human Interface Guidelines. We ultimately end up at a list of functions, properties and relationships. The Apple Developer Documentation is by far the most comprehensive and extensive resource about iOS development. In this case, the docs inform us that we should always use UIKit on the, At the top of the page we also see that this. Unsubscribe anytime. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The protocol provides a default implementation of the main() method that the system calls to launch your app. In the list, properties and functions are written with the right Swift syntax. Learn how in my free 7-day course, No spam, ever. The Swift Language Guide is also part of the Apple Developer Documentation. For instance, from UILabel you can get to UIView, NSCoding, CGRect, UIColor, etcetera. It includes documentation … I’ll show you where to find them, how to read them, and how you can apply the information in your own app development projects. Again, there’s a lot of helpful information here: Then, when we click on the text property of a UILabel, we get to this page: These detail pages are especially helpful when you’re figuring out how a property or function works. Want to learn more? Their class names are UILabel, UIDatePicker and UISwitch. On the right, we see a list of SDKs that UIKit supports. Anything else is a bonus, but Apple’s documentation has fallen so far the knowledge about how the platform works is now being buried in archived documents, old WWDC videos and release notes. Likewise, you’ll find an SKProduct class in StoreKit (“SK”) and a CGColor in Core Graphics (“CK”). Privacy Policy, At, I help app developers to build and launch awesome apps. Check out these resources: Hi, I'm Reinder.I help developers play with code. At the right of the page, we see what platforms a UILabel is part of. With $86 billion paid out to developers, it’s no surprise that Apple wants to help you generate revenue in the App Store. Go to the Swift Sandbox. Like this one: At this part of the page we read that text is the property I can use to change the text on a label, font for its font, and textColor for the text color.

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