behringer sl75c vs sm57

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July 24, 2020

I've had the behringer sm58 clone for years it's OK but it's not a sm58 a real sm58 feels better and sounds clearer. This may look a bit like a sm57 but u can bet it won't sound anything like a … The SL 75C … All rights reserved. The … 6. Just like SM57, the new SL 75C … Close. In terms of sound, this SM57 clone will work best for instrument applications such as drums and guitars or guitar amps.
Behringer SL 75C. Behringer is taking on Shure with a $20 SM57 clone called the SL 75C. Dynamic microphone Polar pattern: Cardioid, Integrated wind and pop filters, Shock Mount System suppresses handling noise, Wide frequency response for transparent sound, ''Soft" mid frequencies … According to the company, the smooth mid-frequency presence of Behringer SL 75C mic works great with vocals as well.

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