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July 24, 2020

Die Laubblätter sind grundständig und am Stängel wechselständig verteilt angeordnet. Freezing, drying, or canning can preserve beets. Beets are believed to be native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and North Africa and North America. Kosseva, in Comprehensive Biotechnology (Second Edition), 2011. In canola, 59% of the 65% yield loss was due to BWYV alone. Some washing is effected during this process, but all processes are supplemented with a beet washer, prior to slicing the beet. The young leaves can be eaten raw in salads, while larger leaves and stalks are commonly sautéed or served in soups. (C) Close-up of LIYV symptoms on cantaloupe and (D) symptoms of lettuce infectious yellows on cantaloupe in the field. Beta vulgaris L. Preferred Common Name. Beet is a good source of carbohydrates (sugar). This article was most recently revised and updated by, Cornell University - Home Gardening - Beet, beet - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), beet - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). )…, …a root, such as rutabaga, beet, carrot, and sweet potato; a tuber or storage stem, such as potato and taro; the stem, as in asparagus and kohlrabi; a bud, such as brussels sprouts; a bulb, such as onion and garlic; a petiole or leafstalk, such as celery…, …is recommended for the asparagus, beet, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, celery, muskmelon, pea, radish, summer squash, and sweet corn (maize); cabbage, lettuce, and spinach are suited to vacuum cooling;…. Most commercial production of beet is for processing and this was an $8 million industry in 1997. BWYV is detected by serological assays with polyclonal antisera and monoclonal antibodies (Ellis and Wieczorek, 1992; Oshima and Shikata, 1990; Smith et al., 1996). Beet roots should be smooth, firm, and unblemished; medium-sized specimens are the most tender. They can also be grown for decorative purposes. group Garden Beet; 2, inflorescence. Beet, (Beta vulgaris), any of the four cultivated forms of the plant Beta vulgaris (family Amaranthaceae), grown for their edible leaves and roots. Test your knowledge with this quiz. Most of the strains are different isolates of BWYV originating from Europe. Boron deficiency retards growth and causes black lesions in the root flesh. Der vom Grund an reich verzweigte Stängel besitzt niederliegende oder aufrechte Zweige, die kantig-rillig und grün oder rot gestreift sind. Beta is a genus in the flowering plant family Amaranthaceae. It is an important home garden and market vegetable crop and is also grown for shipping to distant marketplaces and for processing. 14-43A), thickened, brittle, and may become necrotic. While primarily used as animal feed, mangel-wurzel has gained popularity as a garden vegetable, as both the root and the leaves are edible. It is an important home garden and market vegetable crop and is also grown for shipping to distant marketplaces and for processing. After beets are removed from the ground, they can be processed immediately, stored for a few weeks, during which time normal respiration losses are tolerated, or put into long-term storage which requires special equipment and/or techniques to maintain the beet for several months. FIGURE 14-43. Fresh chard is highly perishable and difficult to ship to distant markets. Water from the washer is returned to the flume loop, which typically includes a system to remove suspended solids, lower biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), and reuse the water. Beetroot is also known as beta vulgaris. Almost all have common names containing the word "beet". It is also used for the treatment of mental problems and liver diseases. Developed in Germany in the 18th century, its European cultivation received important encouragement from Napoleon as a means of combating the British blockade of imported sugar. The taproot ranges in shape from globular to long and tapered.

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