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July 24, 2020

Jatoba Rough Sawn Strips FAS KD. Black Locust grows faster than any other known hardwood tree. Black Locust is the strongest and most rot-resistant wood indigenous to North America. Some are live edge and some are squared up. Black locust (robinia pseudoacacia) is America's most versatile hardwood. Black Locust Lumber for Woodworkers - $2 (Oregon) I have Black Locust slabs and boards. This makes getting usable lumber out of a trunk difficult or impossible. We understand that your project may require a special product. We offer four specific grades of Black Locust Lumber: Veneer – This grade is very difficult to produce. If you need to pick special boards there will be a 20% premium. I build just like you and will not sell you a product that I would not use. Mass-produced wood material will be harder to integrate into your design and require involving further time and effort to craft to your liking. Black Locust Lumber Prices. We have products for organic agriculture (orchard posts, hops poles, and fencing), building and construction (decking, flooring, siding), custom milled parts (fascia, bench parts, furniture), as well as kiln dried, NHLA graded lumber in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4. They come air-dried in naturally irregular shapes and are versatile with many uses including playgrounds, landscaping timbers, structural posts, border accents, sitting stumps, or walking cookies. Only about 10% of all Black Locust logs found in this area end up producing Veneer grade material. We also have some knotty/borer holed/cracked boards available for $5/board ft. Black Locusts are marvelous trees. One size does not fit all. It makes an incredibly durable decking material that will remain beautiful throughout years of outdoor exposure. Shorts and lower grades are less expensive. Our current prices are based on Top Grade (FAS or better). Various thicknesses, widths, and lengths available. Black locust has a unique grain pattern that is golden like a ripe field of wheat, yet it is accentuated with dark brown grain lines than have a cathedral pattern that is similar to that of an oak or ash tree. They're legumes so they enrich the soil with nitrogen. The wood tends to have more character and knots than other species of wood, but it can produce wonderful select grade lumber. Tip #3: Customize Black Locust Lumber products to achieve impeccable design. Building with Black Locust is your most sound environmental choice. Typically cut at 4/4, 6/4, and 8/4 thick. Lumber can be sewn up thirty five feet in length. Jatoba Rough Sawn FAS KD Cutting sizes: 28 x 80 mm Invoicing sizes: 26 x 75 mm 42,124 m3 of 300 to 500 mm 10,206 m3 of 1.200 mm to 1.800 mm Price: USD935/cbm CIF Offer subject to final confirmation . These prices are based on straight run. In the past we have supplied Black Locust as large 12″x12″x18′ and 6″x6″x26′. Air Dried Lumber. That puts prices … Locust boards are few and far between because the trees more often than not grow with a crooked form. Involving a creative custom saw mill from the beginning will ensure that the wood incorporated will highlight your architectural design project. Length is up to 10’.I sell BL for $2 a board foot. Palisades are whole black locust trees, with all bark and branches removed, and sanded smooth. Become a Partner. Price : CALL.

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