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July 24, 2020

And since you need a nice full-length mirror for your room anyway, you might as well hack one into a mirror jewelry cabinet while you’re at it. With these tips, your small bedroom … If the idea of DIY shelving terrifies you, consider this alternative book storage hack: Repurpose old dresser drawers into bookshelves. Next, mount the storage rack to a wall and enjoy never having to clutter any desk, dresser, or counter space ever again. The best part: When you need something back, we’ll deliver it to you. The best part: Crown molding is unobtrusive since it blends in with the wall. The mirrors will reflect and fill your bedroom with sunlight, trick your eyes into thinking you have an extra window, and make your room feel bigger. They can be designed to fit exactly what you want to store in them, be it storage for jewelry, ornaments or extra book storage ideas. The least-used space in your apartment is prime real estate for implementing creative bedroom storage ideas. Behind your clothes rod stands a wall just itching to be used. They can store as many items as plastic crates can. We've rounded up the best ones around, along with fairly lights too, so that you can start decking the halls ASAP, The sales aren’t just good for furniture and tech – you can cut your bills, too, New year, new project? A standard double wardrobe will have a rail and either drawers below, or a shelf above. Stuck with a tiny closet? These efficient storage systems keep the creases out while avoiding hangers. That final foot of wall up to your ceiling is prime shelf space. But because it’s usually covered up with clothes, you can’t store items there that you need to access every day. Racks for scarves and ties, or shallow drawers to stow away watches and jewelry will streamline your storage. Pick up a BackPack from Twelve South, clip it to the back of your iMac stand, and keep your hard drive out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Anthropologie have loads of gorgeous designs that would work for small items like jewellery to large items like clothes and bags. All you need to keep a storage solution like the one above in place are a few screws and a screwdriver. Designing and arranging a small bedroom can be particularly tricky, especially when it comes to storage. Another great thing about shelves is that they can be a feature in themselves, so not just for storing but displaying too. Simply add wheels to an old dresser drawer and push it under your bed frame. Think you don't have room for a ladder shelf? Some furniture companies will supply trays designed to fit their drawers, but you can get dividers from the likes of  Ikea and Amazon. Some, like the Studio 3B 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set pictured above, even act as electric outlets and a USB charging station for your phone, laptop, and tablet. 2020-11-26T20:11:28Z. They come in a range of colors and materials to suit each and every bedroom design scheme. Storage without the struggle. Those old New Yorkers keep waiting to be read. Done well, it can eliminate the need for additional bedroom storage, leaving plenty of floorspace for play! Like the tank top trick mentioned earlier, except for pants, hanging S hooks on a rod is an easy way to instantly increase your closet storage space. If you’d rather not build your own platform bed or install drawers, don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can get headboards with cupboards built-in which are great if you still want something to sit up against when sipping your morning cuppa. Stow them atop a wardrobe, place them at the foot of the bed or use them to corral makeup on your dresser. Once you accomplish that, you’ll double your headboard shelf space in no time. Store frequently used items at the top (underwear, accessories...) for easy access. Cupboards are an easy fit, but drawers or shelving can help make the most of the space. Any boxes small enough to fit in your drawers will do – try shoe boxes or the gift boxes that toiletry sets come in. Choose a headboard like the BRIMNES headboard from IKEA that gives you storage space for books, magazines, mementos, and spare light bulbs for your space-saving BULBING Lamp or LiliLite. Drawers or cupboards will work well but take the slope of the roof into account. In real life, or on HBO, we’ve all seen those beautiful custom-built loft beds with bookshelf stairs.

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