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July 24, 2020

Schip laurels (or Skip laurels) are a very popular shrub to use for an evergreen fast-growing hedge. Some areas of the United States rely heavily on the sense of community. Make sure you research the variety you intend on planting. Check with your garden center about the right exposure for your plants. It is low-maintenance and fairly drought-tolerant once established. It is extremely cold-hardy so it is especially useful in the Northern US. The hedge grows well in any soil type, and it’s also resistant to pests like deer. A fast-growing deciduous hedge, with beautiful foliage colors in the autumn. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has the advantage over most other fast-growing hedge types of tolerating full sun to full shade. Hollie has written for a number of publications and is now the resident garden blogger here at GardenBeast. The best time of the year to plant your hedges is in the fall, after the long summer days start to cool off, and the first signs of changes in the season begin. Spring is generally the best time to prune, as this stimulates new growth and ensures that no tender new shoots will be frozen if they emerge too close to winter. This variety is a very cold hardy variety and survives in temperatures down to as low as -40ºF. They are fast growing evergreen trees for zone 5. Virescens Western Red Cedar is a wonderful fast-growing hedge for warmer regions where other Arborvitae might not thrive. The ideal time to plant is fall, after the hedges are dormant. This requires very little water, and can grow in varied climates and soil. Apply the fertilizer in the spring before the start of the growing season. The privet is gaining popularity with homeowners across the United States. Gardeners can get more growth out of their hedges in a season if they start with mature hedges. The branches are dense, making it... Thuja Green Giant. Some hedges prefer full sun all day, while others prefer a bit of afternoon shade. document.getElementById('Enter-other-text').style.display = 'none'; It is also perfect for hiding fences. } NAME Acer ginnala ‘Flame’ (Flame Amur Maple), EVERGREEN/DECIDUOUS Deciduous (Fiery fall color), BEST FOR Screening (Shade in summer, light in winter). Yearly pruning, although it seems counterintuitive for a fast-growing hedge, really helps create a nice, dense hedge. For the Leylandii and Laurel varieties, spacing your hedges at least 25-inches apart is ideal. It also grows well in a wide variety of soil types, is drought-tolerant once established, and is not bothered by smog or salt. Doing this saves you work and worry and saves the plants a lot of stress. The best way to do this is to lay drip line along the length of your hedge and run for an hour at a time every few days to water deeply. Fast growing privacy hedge and shrubs that are stressed from lack of water, extreme temperatures, or the wrong exposure (i.e. Trade ShowFacebookGoogle/Search EngineOther, // Hide the Text field by default Flame Amur Maple is our favorite deciduous fast-growing hedge. It does very well in heat. It will take some work to maintain if you want to keep it as a medium-sized hedge, but one pruning per year will suffice for a large hedge. Though a little slower-growing than the English laurel or Schip laurel, Portuguese laurel makes an excellent fast-growing hedge with less maintenance required. It works especially well as a privacy hedge. The privet grows at a pace of 12 to 25-inches a year. Advertiser Disclosure: The hedge is very heat tolerant, making it the ideal choice for coastal areas and arid regions of the U.S, where temperatures run high. document.getElementById('Enter-other-text').style.display = 'block'; It’s perfect for large spaces where privacy is needed. We like the Schip Laurel for covering fences in the yard, bringing a natural aesthetic to the perimeter. If getting a tall hedge fast is important to you, you will need to make sure to do the following 5 things: If you don’t plant your hedge in the right site, it will never thrive. Hedge Planting Tips. If you’re a gardener looking for a way to transform your property into a secluded haven, or simply block out the passing traffic, then consider adding a few hedges to your garden this planting season. To ensure your shrub gets a good start, choose varieties that work in your USDA Hardiness Zone. For novice gardeners, the best way to ensure your hedge gets the water it needs is to install a drip line irrigation system along the length of the hedgerow bed. These evergreen bushes for privacy typically grow up to six feet tall. Also known as “Skip Laurels,” the Schip Laurel hedge is another fast-growing variety, growing tall and thin. After the second year, the hedge should have a robust root system and will require less water. The English Laurel is tolerant of salt in the air, and it’s naturally resistant to pests like deer. Pruning in the spring stimulates growth, ensuring that no new shoots freeze if they pop out close to the wintertime. Copyright © 2020 InstantHedge. American Arborvitae make a wonderful, low-maintenance, evergreen, fast-growing hedge. This hedge plant has a growth of around 40 cm to 6… NAME Prunus laurocerasus (English or Cherry laurel), EVERGREEN/DECIDUOUS Broadleaf Evergreen Glossy green leaves. Kooc Media Ltd Water-loving varieties can’t be planted in deserts. Virescens naturally grows tall and narrow, so it lends itself well to a tall privacy hedge.

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