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July 24, 2020

Furthermore, along with the promising fact that the entire globe are consuming GMOs without any issue may be the one step forward to end the controversy of GMOs impact on human health. About Us. Not only does genetic engineering allows us to transfer desirable genetic traits directly without resorting to the use of trial and errors, but we can expand our possibilities of transferring genes from virtually any organism to a completely different organism. He also stated that traditionally hybrid species were never questioned for their safety (Guterman). The government or FDA should regulate whether these are safe to eat or put in the kitchen. (¤tPosition=8&docId=GALE%7CA378248863&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=AONE&contentSet=GALE%7CA378248863&searchId=R32&userGroupName=cuny_ccny&inPS=true). Powered by WordPress / Academica WordPress Theme by WPZOOM, Help | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Image Credits | Creative Commons (CC) license unless otherwise noted, Built with WordPress | GMO Research offers an added value to your online membership. Contents. Retrieved October 16, 2018, from, Reynolds, J.L. Though, what is undeniable is that GMOs provide us with a plethora of benefits that can aid many of the world’s issues and advancements including malnutrition and medicine. One of the main contributors that are fueling the controversy of GMOs on human health are the rhetoric that many sources use in order to frighten and sometimes make the audience perceive something in a specific way. Furthermore, as stated in the article from Medical Surgical Nursing, some of the benefits are not limited to an elimination of natural allergens found in certain agricultural products, improving the shelf life of food, enhancing taste, and becoming ingredients to help develop edible vaccines and pharmaceuticals (Lessick et. As well as some in sight as to how GMOs have affected Americans diets. . To support the previous statement, he mentions the genetically modified cassava plant, a starchy root that is normally eaten in tropical Africa, can offer its consumers enhanced minerals, vitamin A, and protein as oppose to their genetically modified counterparts (Goldbas). Arguably the most realistic solution for matching increased global demand for crops is to boost the crop yields on currently cultivated land. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Genetic engineering can be applied to plants, animals, bacteria, fish, and much more. As demonstrated, GMOs can provide a new influx of solutions to address any of our problems and make what we already have even better. In the article, the author includes words such as Franken-Food Company, and Franken-Food to imply that genetic engineering allows the creation of something hideous as it is equivalent to the creation of Frankenstein (Reynolds). Another example would be the non-GMO Project, a popular non-profit organization that are dedicated to promoting a non-GMO food supply, that supports a study on the “GMOs Myths and Truths” created by 3 leading researchers at Earth Open Source (non-GMO Project). This claim is the infamous Seralini paper, which … This is why various organizations such as the non-GMO Project and the Organic Consumers Association are dedicated to protecting the people’s health such as providing information on possible detrimental effects of GMOs. Foods Safe? On the contrary, genetic engineering eliminates some of the setbacks of traditional breeding. By connecting our online research platform into your online membership, your members will benefit the option to grant points by answering to online research. You can always change your mind by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at … Valid scientific evidence is lacking as to whether GMOs are healthy or unhealthy in the long run. A few weeks ago, like thousands of other scientists around the globe have done before, I stood up in front of a public audience and “defended” my PhD thesis to a jury of senior scientists. GMO Research offers an online research solution platform . GMOs Research Paper - Free download as (.rtf), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. To support their stand, they utilized logically reasoning; Despite all of the health concerns over potential allergies and toxins in which they have not been fully addressed, there are a plethora of genetic engineering experiments and people consuming many meals without any issues as said by Robert Goldberg in an interview from the Scientific American (Brody). Therefore, it may be necessary to be alarmed about what GMOs could potentially cause. Furthermore, plants can be genetically modified to be resistant to herbicides, viruses, and withstand extreme environmental conditions (Goldbas). Furthermore, there are studies that have been conducted that suggests that there may be GMOs may need more attention. Works cited can be found here: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are creatures in which their genetic make-up has been altered through genetic engineering or biotechnology in hopes of either obtaining favorable traits, eliminating unfavorable traits, or simply gene manipulation. The perils of GMO research: a scientist speaks out By Devang Mehta. On the contrary, however, it may be ideal to continue conducting experiments on GMOs since they have only been around since the 1970s and there are recent contradicting studies, such as the Seralini’s experiment replicating the Monsanto’s GMO corn study, that may indicate GMOs may seem dangerous than it seems. To further support this statement, according to Channapatna S. Prakash, the Director of the Center for Plant Biodiversity, even through the use of traditional breeding such as corn containing one gene that was originally found in soybeans, it wouldn’t even make it any less hazardous (Guterman). Have anyone ever wonder about GMO’s and whether it is safe when reading a label saying generic energetic. Golden rice that is enriched with Vitamin A and are a few other examples that can be enriched with more nutritious content. MedSurg Nursing, 242+. PDF | On Jul 27, 2013, Jai Godheja published Impact of GMO'S on environment and human health | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate For example, according to an article published in the International Journal of Childbirth Education called, “GMOs: What are they?,” Goldbas discusses some of the advances biotechnology has brought to agriculture, resulting in addressing some of the world’s problems such as malnutrition and starvation; “Breakthroughs include food plants which have been altered to be pest resistant and have greater nutritional values.” (Goldbas). Furthermore, the rise of large biotechnological companies that are capable of manipulating an enormous amount of our food supply with their own devised organisms fueled the public’s suspicion of what is exactly in their food. Scientists leave the lab to defend bioengineered food. By Raymond Wu in Papers on December 10, 2018 . Lessick, M., Keithley, J., Swanson, B., & Lemon, B. al). al). An example of this phenomenon would be inserting a Bt gene from bacteria to enable corn to produce their own insecticide (Reynolds).

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