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July 24, 2020

There are also mosques that survived. The IDF had achieved most of its goals of Operation Hammer even with heavy casualties. He sent Natanel Horovitz to take the lead. The national average is 55 percent. There are 14 Syrian water towers still scattered on the Golan. Whenever a helmet popped up, we couldn't tell it was one of ours or not. On the way to Qela he had destroyed several fortified Syrian positions. The enemy column advanced. He says you can still find remnants of 220 small villages that either deteriorated naturally or were destroyed. The most significant evidence is actually underground; more than a million old and rusty mines, the overwhelming majority of them Syrian, are estimated to be buried on the Heights. Inside Emir Faour Palace at the Ha'emir Junction in the Golan Heights, 2017. The Syrian army also hit 205 houses, 2 tractor sheds, 6 barns, 30 tractors, 15 cars and 9 chicken coops in the first four days. “When I assumed my post, 47 percent of 12th graders earned a matriculation certificate. During the interview, Kipnis stressed a few times that examining the Syrian history of the Golan is not necessarily a political statement. Fortunately the winter rains had exposed many of the mines and the Syrians had not replaced them. These fortified cement structures that the Syrians erected, primarily overlooking the communities of the Jordan Valley, remain a dominant presence in the western Golan. The partially collapsed mosque at Hushniya, Golan Heights, 2017. (Tel Saki, Golan Heights, Israel – Map View) This video tells the story of the battle, which many credit for saving Israel’s existence, as without the heroic efforts of a relative handful of … It was important, he said, to be familiar with the area’s past history, irrespective of one’s political opinions. Nevertheless, he turned the machine gun inside the burning vehicle towards the Syrian position and gave covering fire to his comrades. Horovitz' company raced through the relatively weak outpost of Gur el Askar, continued towards Na'amush. Visited Har Bental site of a former Israeli bunker. Bribing Palestinians and Censoring Textbooks: An Inside Look at the Israeli Occupation's Early Years, When an Embattled Israel Called Them in 1967, They Came - and Never Left, From Day One: Israel Preoccupied With Occupation. They are strong structures that won’t submit to the forces of nature and the question of what to do with them has been debated for years. Through my Nikon lens I … Tel Faher (or Golani Lookout) is a former Syrian outpost in the Golan Heights that has been occupied by Israel since the Six-Day War in 1967. Tell people to come see for themselves.”, Haaretz.com, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East, © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved, The remnants of Emir Faour Palace at the Ha'emir Junction in the Golan Height, Get email notification for articles from Moshe Gilad. A few hundred meters from Tel Faher he came under heavy fire. It was the 1st Golani Brigade that captured the pivotal position at a cost in casualties. But when his tank was hit, he got wounded in the face and was unable to see for a while. It had only 33 serviceable M50 and M51 Sherman tanks. As bizarre as it sounds, the mine fields have become part of the local experience; a few years ago I swam in a pool that had been dubbed “Ein Mokesh,” mokesh being Hebrew for mine. The UN controls a buffer zone between Syria and the Eastern (Israeli-occupied) part of the Golan Heights, and you might hear sporadic shelling in the area. However, a Syrian artillery observation officer reported "The enemy appears to have suffered heavy losses and is retreating. A sign warning of mines near Mitzpeh Gadot in the Golan Heights, 2017. Most of them, 70 percent, were Sunni Muslims. Current population data on the Golan Heights shows that some 46,000 people – 21,000 Jews and 25,000 non-Jews – now live there. His efforts to get the permits to open a hotel in the Bauhaus-style building, erected by the French in the 1920s, took years, but by the end of this year he hopes the 27-room hotel will open, complete with restaurant and spa. The platoon commander sent another runner who returned with Private Fajjar Hamdu Karnazi who reported on the company commander's disappearance. Three out of nine Sherman tanks and seven out of 20 half-tracks disabled by gunfire.[8]. The second in command, Major Rafael Mokady was dead and several other officers dead or wounded, the battle group was at a crisis point. But he was fully engaged and had no other choice than continue his assault. ", The Syrian commander of the northern part ordered his men not to fire until the Israelis reached the wire to catch them in a kill zone. Soon the tanks overran the abandoned Syrian position at Gur el Askar, shortly afterwards the strongpoint at Na'amush, while the Syrians were fleeing from the post. “The ceiling was generally from mud, which requires constant maintenance or the building collapses.” There is no orderly policy for either preserving or destroying these ruins, he says, nor was there ever. It is late afternoon and I am standing on top of an active, although temporarily abandoned, Israeli bunker. His commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Arye Biro, was badly wounded by splinters but continued to lead until he collapsed and had to be evacuated. Mount Bental is one of Israel’s favorite mountain peaks to visit, partly due to the great panoramic views of the Golan and even Syria but also because Mount Bental was the site of a courageous battle fought during Israel’s war for the Golan. When the machine gunner fell wounded, he took his weapon and continued the attack until he was killed some minutes later. The daily newspaper HaAretz wrote "The time has come to settle accounts with those who started it all. Then attack." The Golan Heights is a surprisingly peaceful area, despite being so close to Syria and Lebanon. Its Syrian captain remembered : "It was one of our most fortified positions. In the middle of the site, among the fortified buildings and the tunnels connecting the Syrian bunkers, there is now a large triangular-shaped memorial to members of the Golan-Alexandroni Brigade who fell at the site. Mount Bental has an effective army post that’s currently not in use. They belong to Syria but have been occupied by Israel since 1967/1981. That position in the northern Golan Heights overlooks the Hula Valley, and it was there that one of the Six-Day War’s toughest battles took place. [6], On June 6, Syria launched three attacks against Israeli positions: at Tel Dan, Kibbutz Dan and the village of She'ar Yashuv two kilometers inside Israeli territory. In an article published in Cathedra, a quarterly published by the Yad Ben Zvi Institute for Research on Eretz Israel, historian Dr. Yigal Kipnis, a resident of Ma’aleh Gamla on the Golan, outlined the map of communities on the Heights on the eve of the Six-Day War.

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