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July 24, 2020

Will make her my healer initially. There are 11 mana eggs available in "CD1", which means you can easily spend 4 on Justin, 4 on Sue and 3 on Feena (she already has fire). Grandia Xtreme for PlayStation2 Mana Egg Combination List Version 0.9 written by JL Lee updated 12/2/2002 This guide is primarily a combination guide for Mana Eggs found in Grandia Xtreme. Where to find the mana eggs. One of the defining parts of Grandia II's battle system are its use of the Mana Egg system. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Mana Eggs. Like u/cbsa82 said, when Sue leaves, you'll receive skill books which you can use on other characters. Grandia is a VERY easy game (outside of the optional bonus bosses, which will fuck you up), but I think there are definitely still a couple tips that will help you enjoy it more: 1.) The real question should always be WHICH elements to give Sue. Grandia 2 Mana Egg guide V1.1 made by:Saint35 ===== Introduction ===== This has been made to help Grandia 2 players with mana eggs and things … Skill exp is worth more at lower skill levels. Wait, what? These eggs are the source of magical abilities used in and also outside of combat. It's worth it to give Sue a water egg because the move "Yawn" is made to be abused. The Fairy egg can be found on top the highest pillar. So go ahead and spend the eggs, and level up her skills. I used to never give Sue any mana eggs (or just water magic), until I played Grandia on the Switch, and she is actually an excellent magic carrier, since she can max out her weapon traits rather early, which gives her time to focus on leveling her spells. There are 18 mana eggs available in the game. – Merril Road – underneath the church (sewers) in new parm. Feena should also get water early. Like 4 extra if you find them all, for another, if you pump up the magic of characters that eventually leave your party, you get like, 1/3rd of there magic levels back in XP to spend on your remaining teammates. Mana Eggs for Grandia Xtreme - PlayStation 2: Mana Eggs; When you arrive at the second Geo Gate in the Aqua Ruins, take it to Locca. It's always been a weirdly common practice, to not give sue any mana eggs. However, the books will award only 1/3 of Sue's levels. Mana Eggs can be … Can't wait for work to finish so I can carry on playing lol. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Is there any point spending mana eggs on Sue? By trading Mana Eggs at stores, you can teach characters Magic skills. This is NOT a walkthrough, and neither are you going to find spell descriptions at all. It’s a list to check up. i guess getting the fairy mana egg was pretty secret... Raikazokou. In Grandia II magic appears in the form of the eight basic elements of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Blizzard, Forest and Explosion.No character has a specific magic moveset as magic is used by equipping certain Mana Eggs.When equipped, these eggs give the wearer the ability to use specific elemental magic linked to that egg. There are 8 mana eggs in "CD2", which means you can easily miss half of them and still max out Rapp, other "CD2" characters either have all the kinds of magic by default (Liete) or cannot learn any at all (Milda, Guido). Awesome. Thanks, Who's Mogg ? Iirc, there are 11 eggs on Disc 1, all before Sue leaves. Look at what the requirements are for certain skills and spells and try to get a few before leaving. At that point I'll give a water egg to Sue and complete the eggs for Justin.

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