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July 24, 2020

Tutorials: How to Mix Cymbals – Into The Lair #84 Dave Pensado and his assistant engineer Cole Nystrom show you a great technique for mixing cymbals in … Oh well, I have decided to rename all my talk about gear in this blog into “Gear Talk”. You can mic the cymbals by placing mics about 6 inches above each cymbal or by using overhead mics set 1 to 3 feet above the cymbals. Share Reply Quote. 1. With a half-decent mic, usually a small Diaphragm Mic, you should be able to get a variety of pro sounds off your cymbals if the placements and positions are correct. There are many effective ways to mic the hat, so I won’t go further into that topic. Unfortunately, you'll need a separate mic for each cymbal. For live sound, I sometimes mic the cymbals (from above or below) as opposed to using over-heads, depending on the type of band and what is needed, but a lot of what I do and how I do it depends on the gear being used and the playing style of the drummer. Doing these things creates a better balance between the drums and cymbals and makes the drums stand out more in comparison. For i realised that sometimes i talk about gear that i have/gear i want/gear ideas etc etc, so as to … Move Mic closer to Bell adds more ping Move Mic closer to Edge adds overtones Keep Overheads mics at equal distance with kick & snare at the center A few ft. above cymbals. The only cymbals I consider worthy of miking for live reinforcement are the high-hat pair, presuming the drummer isn’t too heavy handed when the pair are open. These sounds usually have a harsh metallic sound around the 200Hz range, some call this clang. The whole kit 3rd June 2016 #3. rockstar dave. One big determining factor when it comes to tom mic placement is the presence of the cymbals, both physically and sonically. The high-pass filter will also remove the unwanted mud and some mic … If you mic it further toward the edge you get a lot of level change due to the motion of the cymbal. Equalizing hi-hats and cymbals is pretty easy. Put the mic near the outer rim of the tom head, pointing down. I mic directly above the kit, in the left-right center, over the back edge of the crash cymbals (nearest to the drummer), about 2 feet above the cymbals. Small diaphragm condenser mics capture the cymbals’ high frequencies well. =219= Gear Talk: Mic-ing and Cymbals. Micing under the cymbals is the answer. April 1, 2015 kchangetheworld Leave a comment. For mic placement when using mic stands, many of the same rules for snare miking apply. To remove that, simply use a high-pass filter till around 300Hz. Play around with distance and exact placement, but you definitely want to get the mics close to the underside of the bell of the cymbal.

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