hybrid striped bass record

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July 24, 2020

Photograph collection Once the renovations at the Little Rock Game and Fish office were complete, I visited the displays there looking for big stripedy fish and found this one. All files open in new window. On top of that, the fish is viewed slightly from the front, so it'll be foreshortened, and you can also discern a taper in the photograph of the river guage, so that will be distorted as well. Maryland Saltwater Record jersey Freshwater record It looks like a better candidate, although it also is not labelled as the hybrid record. bass fishing Also, there were several new nature centers under construction at the time, so any one of those might have been designated to have the big hybrid on display. Arizona All Tackle Record The stories tend to run in the same currents as well. Georgia Carolina State Saltwater record, North This picture does, however, illustrate the difference between a typical striper and a typical hybrid. Jeff Fletcher 64 Lbs 8 oz. A taxidermist would retain those characteristics, although he might correct other flaws like physical scars or patches of parasites. Mr. Shaum told me in a phone conversation last year that he had given the mount to the Arkansas Department of Game and Fish. They don't look the same. A taxidermist works with skin, fins and a head and hopefully a photo. Al McReynolds New Jersey Record Yaaaay! The flaws in the natural proportions and paintjob are the marks of the hybrid's authenticity. It's obviously not the one I'm looking for. It can be distinguished from the striped bass by broken rather than solid horizontal stripes on the body. Former record January 16, 2020 1:32 am A West Virginia angler drove 400-plus miles to Chesapeake Bay recently to fish for striped bass and came away with a pending world record… If this is a hybrid, then it is the record mount. Record State Record Arkansas There are pictures and affidavits and witnesses and everything you'd want, except I could never get a definite answer as to the location of the actual mount. State Record, Kentucky Donna Kredel at the marina called Jack Burbage, who was having lunch at Fran's Cafe, to come in and look at "the biggest, ugliest walleye" she'd ever seen. At first, they usually think they've hooked something else, like a log or a gar or a carp or catfish. state record, Oklahoma All-Ages Records; Species Weight Length Date Angler Method; Bass, Hybrid Striped: 15.00: 27.50: Apr 1, 2002: Chad Lampman: Rod and Reel : Bass, Largemouth: 11.63 Carolina State hybrid record Still, a striper is more cigar shaped while hybrids are flatter, more deep-bodied. They were unsure about the variety of the fish and they had it right in front of them in its actual colors with no glass barriers. All files open in new window. So over the months I visited the nature centers and waited for the construction and renovations to be completed, and as specimens appeared on walls and in display cases, I saw several large striped fish, but none labelled as the world record. The newest of the Game and Fish nature centers opened in Little Rock next to the River Market last December, and they put this mount on display. The identity question had to be decided by genetic testing at Auburn University. Tennessee of the It was right over a door, the width of which I could measure. Striped Bass Record Saltwater, Virginia I assume one of the fish on display is the record, but there were several that could be imposters; and I would have to arrive at a conclusion by some clever and indirect means. Click on Underlined links for all recorded species. Junior Line Class record Measuring right off the computer screen and dividing the length (11.9 cm) by the depth (3.7 cm) gives us 3.22 for the record hybrid. I'm no big fan of discovery by indirect means. Maryland The display doesn't list the length or weight or any other details. Freshwater record, Massachusetts New I used that measurement as a guage to estimate the length. Also, the stripes are unbroken, and we can see in the record photo that the stripes of the Shaum fish are broken, as is typical of a hybrid. So we take a ratio of length from nose to tail and depth from the base of the front of the dorsal fin to the base of the pectoral fin, as shown in the picture. A hybrid striped bass, also known as a wiper or whiterock bass, is a hybrid between the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and the white bass (M. chrysops). Doing the same trick with the fish at the Pine Bluff nature center yields a ratio of 3.70, about 15% higher. Striped Bass Record Saltwater Click on Underlined links for all recorded species. Freshwater record Maryland Freshwater Record Click on the links for all species records. state record Beyond that we face the same difficulties as the people who caught and weighed and verified the thing to begin with.

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