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July 24, 2020

As to God he is far away; man easily gets rid of Him; he will render Him some outward services and make his boast in them. This of necessity, settles the question more decisively of the Lord's relations with the Jews: for His glory came after, and, as to His human position, was the result of His rejection by the nation. We may remark here, the power of the kingdom bestowed on the disciples; their enjoyment at that moment (by the presence of the Messiah Himself, bringing with Him the power of the kingdom which overthrew that of the enemy) of the sight of those things of which the prophets had spoken; at the same time the rejection of their testimony, and the judgment of Israel among whom it was rendered; and, finally, the call of the Lord (while acknowledging in their work all the power that shall establish the kingdom) to rejoice, not in the kingdom thus established on earth, but in that sovereign grace of God who, in His eternal counsels, had granted them a place and a name in heaven, in connection with their rejection on earth. As to Himself, He would go without everything for that. Nevertheless the law was not broken. To Him must men come. It had, by scriptural developments subsequent to the law, been discovered to be eternal life, which they then, at least the Pharisees, attached as such to the observance of that law-a thing possessed by the glorified in heaven, by the blessed on earth during the millennium, which we now possess in earthen vessels; which the law, as interpreted by conclusions drawn from the prophetic books, proposed as the result of obedience: [2] "The man that doeth these things shall live by them.". 37. . The answer was plain: the law (with all its ordinances, its ceremonies, all the conditions of God's government, which the people had broken, and the violation of which led to the judgment announced by the prophets-judgment that should be followed by the establishment, on God's part, of the kingdom in grace)-the law, I say, contained the kernel of the truth in this respect, and distinctly expressed the conditions of life, if man was to enjoy it according to human righteousness-righteousness wrought by himself, by which he himself should live. This clearly points out the character of the testimony. . As the first four verses of Luke attests, this book aims to give a detailed account of the person and ministry of Jesus, laid out in an orderly fashion for the reader to easily understand. her house--The house belonged to her, and she appears throughout to be the older sister. The one represents the contemplative, the other the active style of the Christian character. There appears to be a chiasmas between this verse and what follows: God—neighbor—man/neighbor (Luke 10:29–37)—Jesus/God (10:38–42). many things--"much service" ( Luke 10:40 ); too elaborate preparation, which so engrossed her attention that she missed her Lord's teaching. They are of infinite assistance in understanding the whole connection of the passage, and their position here throws great light on their own meaning. He insists on that which is moral and eternal, the position into which it would bring His disciples, the true effect of His testimony in the world, and the judgment about to fall upon the Jews. The road, being rocky and desolate, was a notorious haunt of robbers, then and for ages after, and even to this day. Bible Study Summary with Videos and Questions The Lord's “Good Samaritan” Story. Nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near.’ I tell you, it will be more bearable on … 19. Yet neither despised, or would willingly neglect, the other's occupation. Judgment was coming. Satan was beheld falling from heaven!" my sister, &c.--"Lord, here am I with everything to do, and this sister of mine will not lay a hand to anything; thus I miss something from Thy lips, and Thou from our hands." 18:20). . The book of Luke is a Gospel that contains Narrative History, Genealogy, Sermons, Parables, and some Prophetic Oracles. 33. Exclaims GREGORY NAZIANZEN (in the fourth century), "He hungered, but He fed thousands; He was weary, but He is the Rest of the weary; He is saluted 'Samaritan' and 'Demoniac,' but He saves him that went down from Jerusalem and fell among thieves," &c. 38. certain village--Bethany ( John 11:1 ), which Luke so speaks of, having no farther occasion to notice it. The extent of the dominion of Jesus in connection with this change, and the revelation of the counsels of God that accompanied it, are given us in verse 22, as well as the discovery of the relationships and the glory of the Father and of the Son; at the same time also the grace shewn to the humble according to the character and the rights of God the Father Himself. 31, 32. came down a . The phrase "Good Samaritan" is used to describe any person who goes out of his way to help another. In connection with the word, we find the energy that attaches itself to the Lord, in order to receive it from Himself, and that leaves everything in order to hear His word, because the soul is laid hold of by the communications of God in grace. from Jerusalem to Jericho--a distance of nineteen miles northeast, a deep and very fertile hollow--"the Temple of Judea" [TRENCH]. Luke, a doctor and a Greek Christian, wrote it circa 59-61 A.D. I summarised the Bible on Twitter between Aug 2010 and Nov 2013 - … Lord, &c.--"Thou hast exceeded Thy promise, for 'even the devils,'" &c. The possession of such power, not being expressly in their commission, as in that to the Twelve ( Luke 9:1 ), filled them with more astonishment and joy than all else. The testimonies of the Lord are perfectly in place. And he does it, but it is almost extorted. carest thou not . From that verse to the end of verse 13 in chapter 11 the Lord makes known to His disciples the two great means of blessing-the word and prayer. . A summary of Luke 10 from @biblesummary. 42. one thing, &c.--The idea of "Short work and little of it suffices for Me" is not so much the lower sense of these weighty words, as supposed in them, as the basis of something far loftier than any precept on economy. The mission is founded on the glory of Christ manifested in chapter 9. Both are needed, each to be the complement of the other. The ministry of the gospel calls men to receive Christ as a Prince and a Saviour; and he will surely come in the power of his Spirit to all places whither he sends his faithful servants. What new fountains of charity has not this opened up in the human spirit--rivers in the wilderness, streams in the desert! What a change from the presentation of the kingdom to the people of God! Luke Summary by Jay Smith. Wherein, then, was Mary's better than Martha's? [2] It is to be remarked, that the Lord never used the word eternal life in speaking of the effect of obedience. 30. bid her, &c.--She presumes not to stop Christ's teaching by calling her sister away, and thus leaving Him without His one auditor, nor did she hope perhaps to succeed if she had tried. Bible Study Summary with Videos and Questions The Lord's “Good Samaritan” Story It's not Luke but Jesus who tells us the "Good Samaritan" story. All rights reserved. The importance of this chapter is evident in this point of view. A summary of Luke 10 from @biblesummary. But He could tell His disciples in private that, having seen in Him the Messiah and His glory, they had seen that which kings and prophets had in vain desired to see. This is not the kingdom, nor heaven, but a part of the Jewish apprehension of the relationship of man with God. Luke 10:10-12 But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you, go into its streets and say, ‘Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet we wipe off against you. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. They were to trust (like the twelve) to the care of the Messiah present on the earth, and who influenced the heart with divine power. THE STATE OF THINGS WHICH OUR LORD DESCRIBES. This is what God Himself did in Christ; but then legal and carnal distinctions disappeared before this principle. No doubt the priest and Levite had their excuses--It is not safe to be lingering here; besides, he's past recovery; and then, may not suspicion rest upon ourselves? cumbered--"distracted." Thou shalt, &c.--the answer Christ Himself gave to another lawyer. Go, &c.--O exquisite, matchless teaching! 1. All the Fathers saw through the thin veil of this noblest of stories, the Story of love, and never wearied of tracing the analogy (though sometimes fancifully enough) [TRENCH].

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