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July 24, 2020

When setting seat height, it’s important to ensure minimum seatpost insertion into the bike frame. With few exceptions, the saddle should be parallel to the ground. Measure that distance from the top of your seat to the lower pedal axle. Different types of bikes are sized differently and will have slightly different fits: First, make sure you can straddle your bike with your feet flat on the floor. Adjusting the fore/aft position: Make adjustments by loosening the saddle binder bolt (sometimes called the seat fixing bolt) and sliding the saddle forward or backward as needed. It’s best to do this while wearing normal biking shoes since this will affect the distance from saddle to pedal. Most riders tend to set their seat height too low, which results in burning quads on the climbs and overworked joints. With your seat height and position dialed in, you have the best chance of pedaling efficiently and powerfully using your major leg muscles. Very generally, you want a small amount of bend in your knee when you have the pedal at the 6 o’clock position, hips level and your foot in a proper pedaling position. REI and most bike brand websites include sizing charts for bikes featured online. Handlebars. What’s your saddle height, and what is your inseam to seat height ratio? How helpful was this article? Standover height: As with adult bikes, first check the standover height. Everyone calls this a “rule of thumb” or a “rough” estimate for saddle height, but the precision of the number (to the thousandth!) And it probably wouldn’t take long to figure out a few different points in and around your own hip that would work collectively for a range of different kinds of bikes … … again just as a starting point before you throw your leg over it and start to hone in the actual fit. If you have tight hamstrings or short arms, you can swap out the stem to bring the handlebar closer and keep the strain off your back and shoulders. Retighten the saddle bolt(s) before riding. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The minimum seat height on the REV 16 is … If you’re buying a bike for a beginning rider, it’s easy to want one they’ll “grow into,” but it’s especially important to buy a bike that fits well so they can ride comfortably and confidently while they learn. Ray Robert Green/Demand Media. This is an inexpensive part that can save weight, but more importantly, it ensures that no one (the rider included!) The distance from that line to the floor is the length of your inseam. How much bend I guess is personal preference. For mountain and hybrid bikes, these exact angles are not as critical since the riding positions are often more upright and relaxed. Look for listed standover heights, and compare that number to your inseam. Terms | Privacy, First published January 11, 2018 @ 3:58:10. They should be able to sit comfortably, see around them easily and grip the handlebars with a slight bend in their elbows. Best MTB Gear | Stand against a wall (with bike shoes on). Not as refined as the more premium priced bikes but checks all the boxes for a great kids bike: Tektro V-brakes, Alloy frame, 3 piece alloy cranks and a freewheel! Not only that, cornering and handling suffer as the rider’s center of gravity moves higher off the ground. Bike Fit: How to Set Your Bike Seat Height. For alloy and even carbon posts, it is often possible to cut off some of the excess from the bottom to allow the post to be set lower into the frame. Hands-on help: Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new bike, adjusting a used bike or just checking to make sure your fit is perfect on your current bike, a skilled bike tech or sales associate can help you. IMBA Epics | In terms of bike fit, seat height is easily the most basic and perhaps the most important measurement to get right. Standover height: As with adult bikes, first check the standover height.

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