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July 24, 2020

Numerical Modelling of Tidal Bores using a Moving Mesh, Evaluation of Fractional Dispersion Models, New methods for approximating acoustic wave transmission through ducts, Finite element modelling of multi-asset barrier options, Finite element modelling of the atmosphere using the shallow water equations, The computation of spectral representations for evolution PDE, A moving mesh method for the discontinuous Galerkin finite element technique, Application of the phase/amplitude method to the study of trapped waves in the atmosphere and oceans, A moving mesh finite element method for the shallow water equations, Investigation of waiting times in non-linear diffusion equations using a moving mesh method, A moving finite element method for high order nonlinear diffusion problems, High frequency boundary element methods for scattering by complex polygons, The use of numerical methods in solving pricing problems for exotic financial derivatives with a stochastic volatility, Best fits with adjustable nodes and scale invariance, Analysis of integral operators from scattering problems, A moving Lagrangian mesh model of a lava dome volcano and talus slope, Scale analysis of short term forecast errors, Electromagnetic scattering by simple ice crystal shapes, Development of a simplified adaptive finite element model of the Gulf Stream, The behaviour of 4-D Var for a highly nonlinear system, Data dependent mesh generation for peicewise linear interpolation, A collocation method for high frequency scattering by convex polygons, Approximations to linear wave scattering by topography using an integral equation approach, Outdoor sound propagation and the boundary element method, Numerical modelling of islands and capture zone size distributions in thin film growth, Numerical schemes for a non-linear diffusion problem, Efficient evaluation of highly oscillatory integrals, Investigation into how the reduction of length scales affects the flow of viscoelastic fluid in parallel plate geometries, Ageostrophic wind storms in the central Caspian sea, Using optimal estimation theory for improved rainfall rates from polarization radar, Vorticity extremes in numerical simulations of 2-D geostrophic turbulence, Two dimensional turbulence in the atmosphere and oceans, Energetics and vertical structure of the thermohaline circulation, Numerical schemes applied to the Burgers and Buckley-Leverett equations, Embedding methods for the numerical solution of convolution equations, A comparative study of computational methods in cosmic gas dynamics, The point source methods in inverse acoustic scattering, Improving global glacier modelling by the inclusion of parameterised subgrid hypsometry within a three-dimensional, dynamical ice sheet model, Flow through porous media: recovering permeability data from incomplete information by function fitting, Heat waves: their climatic and biometeorological nature in two north american reigions, Application of conservation laws with source terms to the shallow water equations and crowd dynamics, Application of parameter estimation to meteorology and food processing, Investigation of a new macroscopic model of traffic flow, An application of the re-iterated Galerkin approximation in 2-dimensions, The Position of the free boundary formed between an expanding plasma and an electric field in differing geometries, Adaptive mesh refinement using subdivision of unstructured elements for conservation laws, The Valuation of weather derivatives using partial differential equations, Development of a 3D fractal cirrus model and its use in investigating the impact of cirrus inhomogeneity on radiation. Preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for serial and parallel computers. Brad - An Implementation of the Box Scheme for use on Transcritical Problems, D. Garwood - A Comparison of two approaches for the Approximating of 2-D Scattered Data, with Applications to Geological Modelling, R. Hawkes - Mesh Movement Algorithms for Non-linear Fisher-type Equations, P. Jelfs - Conjugate Gradients with Rational and Floating Point Arithmetic, M. Maisey - Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes, C.A. A selection of Mathematics PhD thesis titles is listed below, some of which are available online: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991, Tsz Yan Leung - Weather Predictability: Some Theoretical Considerations, Jehan Alswaihli - Iteration of Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation Techniques for Neural Field Equations, Jemima M Tabeart - On the treatment of correlated observation errors in data assimilation, Chris Davies - Computer Simulation Studies of Dynamics and Self-Assembly Behaviour of Charged Polymer Systems, Birzhan Ayanbayev - Some Problems in Vectorial Calculus of Variations in L∞, Penpark Sirimark - Mathematical Modelling of Liquid Transport in Porous Materials at Low Levels of Saturation, Adam Barker - Path Properties of Levy Processes, Hasen Mekki Öztürk- Spectra of Indefinite Linear Operator Pencils, Carlo Cafaro - Information gain that convective-scale models bring to probabilistic weather forecasts, Nicola Thorn - The boundedness and spectral properties of multiplicative Toeplitz operators, James Jackaman - Finite element methods as geometric structure preserving algorithms, Changqiong Wang - Applications of Monte Carlo Methods in Studying Polymer Dynamics, Jack Kirk - The molecular dynamics and rheology of polymer melts near the flat surface, Hussien Ali Hussien Abugirda - Linear and Nonlinear Non-Divergence Elliptic Systems of Partial Differential Equations, Andrew Gibbs - Numerical methods for high frequency scattering by multiple obstacles (PDF-2.63MB), Mohammad Al Azah - Fast Evaluation of Special Functions by the Modified Trapezium Rule (PDF-913KB), Katarzyna (Kasia) Kozlowska - Riemann-Hilbert Problems and their applications in mathematical physics (PDF-1.16MB), Anna Watkins - A Moving Mesh Finite Element Method and its Application to Population Dynamics (PDF-2.46MB), Niall Arthurs - An Investigation of Conservative Moving-Mesh Methods for Conservation Laws (PDF-1.1MB), Samuel Groth - Numerical and asymptotic methods for scattering by penetrable obstacles (PDF-6.29MB), Katherine E. Howes - Accounting for Model Error in Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation (PDF-2.69MB), Jian Zhu - Multiscale Computer Simulation Studies of Entangled Branched Polymers (PDF-1.69MB), Tommy Liu - Stochastic Resonance for a Model with Two Pathways (PDF-11.4MB), Matthew Paul Edgington - Mathematical modelling of bacterial chemotaxis signalling pathways (PDF-9.04MB), Anne Reinarz - Sparse space-time boundary element methods for the heat equation (PDF-1.39MB), Adam El-Said - Conditioning of the Weak-Constraint Variational Data Assimilation Problem for Numerical Weather Prediction (PDF-2.64MB), Nicholas Bird - A Moving-Mesh Method for High Order Nonlinear Diffusion (PDF-1.30MB), Charlotta Jasmine Howarth - New generation finite element methods for forward seismic modelling (PDF-5,52MB), Aldo Rota - From the classical moment problem to the realizability problem on basic semi-algebraic sets of generalized functions (PDF-1.0MB), Sarah Lianne Cole - Truncation Error Estimates for Mesh Refinement in Lagrangian Hydrocodes (PDF-2.84MB), Alexander J. F. Moodey - Instability and Regularization for Data Assimilation (PDF-1.32MB), Dale Partridge - Numerical Modelling of Glaciers: Moving Meshes and Data Assimilation (PDF-3.19MB), Joanne A. Waller - Using Observations at Different Spatial Scales in Data Assimilation for Environmental Prediction (PDF-6.75MB), Faez Ali AL-Maamori - Theory and Examples of Generalised Prime Systems (PDF-503KB), Mark Parsons - Mathematical Modelling of Evolving Networks, Natalie L.H. Fletcher - High Order Balance Conditions using Hamiltonian Dynamics for Numerical Weather Prediction, C. Johnson - Information Content of Observations in Variational Data Assimilation, M.A. C.J.Smith - The semi lagrangian method in atmospheric modelling, T.C. W. Gaudin - HYDRA: a 3-d MPP Eulerian hydrocode. R.G. P. Swain - Numerical Investigations of Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes. S.C. Smith - The Evolution of Travelling Waves in a Simple Model for an Ionic Autocatalytic System. Volume II. P.A. A numerical investigation into the dynamics of the non-linear vibration equation. D. Brown - Two Data Assimilation Techniques for Linear Multi-input Systems. Neylon - Block iterative methods for three-dimensional groundwater flow models. J.M. Burton - Convergence of flux limiter schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws with source terms.

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