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July 24, 2020

She comes from an upper middle-class family and lives with her younger sister and their widowed mother. Three, and they label you a serial killer. Get My Sister the Serial Killer from Tade says to Korede that Korede is to blame for this behavior; Korede is deeply offended. The novel is set in modern-day Lagos, Nigeria. Error rating book. Overview. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Her bond to her sister remained strong. [Being cynical, it would end up being the son of Muhtar, there to meet Ayoola's family. My Sister the Serial Killer Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to In case you haven't noticed, Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer has been taking the social media scene by storm the past few weeks. Remember that he had been unhappy with the way his family behaved while he was in a coma. My Sister the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. This Study Guide consists of approximately 35 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, I can see where some people are going with it being Ayoola's fifth victim! She comes from an upper middle-class family and lives with her younger sister and their widowed mother. [My first impression after reading the last line of the novel is that the third person present in the house was the brother of Muhtar. The protagonist is Korede, a Nigerian woman who works as a nurse at a local hospital. Ask the Author. Question about My Sister, the Serial Killer: “Who was the man who came to visit at the end of the book?” New York: Doubleday, 2018. However, when Ayoola visits the hospital one day, Tade immediately becomes attracted to Ayoola. I had read this for book club but I was the first to finish and posted in our FB group asking the next person to finish the book to private msg me so I can ask them a question!!! You can pose questions to the Goodreads community with [I don't think he was a character we had met before. “My Sister, The Serial Killer” is a strong debut by Braithwaite, an author who understands her audience and writes evocative, but relatable prose. Korede, bound by a sense of familial obligation, has consistently helped Ayoola dispose of the bodies and cover up the crimes. He urges Korede to free herself by turning in Ayoola to the police, but Korede is unable to bring herself to do so. Muhtar eventually awakes from his coma and tells Korede that he was able to hear what she said to him while he was comatose. If you recall in the novel, Korede describes the practice in Nigeria (Youraba people) where in case of twin borns, the one who comes out next is considered to be older than the twin which is born first. My Sister, the Serial Killer. [I agree with Hannah and Stephanie. This causes tension between Muhtar and his wife, and Muhtar asks for a divorce. I mean that is a stretch, but that is where my mind went. Korede’s younger sister, Ayoola, has murdered three different men in the past years, all of whom were men she was dating. I think it was Muhtar. He was definitely the next victim. [Since the title of the chapter is #5 is has to be the next man she will end up killing. The novel is set in modern-day Lagos, Nigeria. He disapproved of his son's latest marriage attempt, divorced his wife, and had generally been making mysterious statements,or silences about what he would do next. [I'm so glad you asked this! Ayoola and Tade begin dating again, and Tade reveals to Korede that he wishes to propose marriage to Ayoola. Korede vents the stress of her life by talking to a comatose patient named Muhtar. [I definitely was thinking it was Muhtar only because when Korede walked down the stairs the vibe was given that the man and her may have already knew each other. No one else has finished yet, so I looked here! I was thinking it was Muhtar and maybe he found where she stayed and wanted to come see her in person. Ayoola will continue to kill her boyfriends and Korede will continue to help her clean up her mess. [Who was the man who came to visit at the end of the book? everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of My Sister the Serial Killer. Ayoola and Korede lie that Tade was the aggressor, and he is sent to jail for assault. It becomes clear to Korede that he is only attracted to Ayoola for her looks. I think he was just there to show that nothing will change. At the end of the knowledge, Korede appears to fully embrace the idea that she will never be able to be disloyal to Ayoola, and so she will have to continue helping to cover up Ayoola’s crimes. How will Muthar go about saving his son from the seductive black widow. Order our My Sister the Serial Killer Study Guide, teaching or studying My Sister the Serial Killer. Femi makes three, you know. After Tade proposes marriage to Ayoola, Ayoola tries to kill him. Through flashbacks, the novel reveals that Korede and Ayoola’s father was quite abusive, and the narrative even implies that Ayoola and/or Korede may actually have secretly killed him. [I am thinking that the person introduced in the end is just the next boyfriend/victim. Korede tries once again to warn him not to pursue a relationship with Ayoola, but Tade does not heed the warning. Tade injures Ayoola in self-defense. He therefore knows about Ayoola’s crimes, but he promises not to tell anyone about them, as he does not want Ayoola to be arrested as an accomplice. Will Korede pick Muhtar over Ayoola? She didn’t learn anything from her near-death experience, and her Korede will help dispose of another body eventually. It has been driving me nuts for days! Ayoola and Tade soon begin dating, and Korede worries that Ayoola will eventually hurt or kill Tade. Ayoola is described as being much more attractive than Korede in terms of physical appearance. Refresh and try again. The second twin is considered older and the first twin has to obey the wishes and command of the second born. help you understand the book. New York: Doubleday, 2018. My Sister, the Serial Killer. The protagonist is Korede, a Nigerian woman who works as a nurse at a local hospital. They said the man gave a smile and head gesture. [As several have said, I believe he’s Ayoola’s next victim. Welcome back. Because Ayool and Femi were dating, the police interrogate Ayoola and Korede, but they deny knowing anything about his disappearance. The following version of this book was used to create this study guide: Braithwhite, Oyinkan. My Sister, the Serial Killer, is a novel by Nigerian-born British writer Oyinkan Braithwaite, originally published in the U.K. in 2019.Set in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, this darkly satirical, structurally experimental crime story about the extremes of family bonds bears an unusually revealing and literal title, and it has been longlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize. Reader Q&A, An impression has been given in the novel, that the first born is sent by the second born to test the world for the yet to be born second twin. Ayoola begins to neglect Tade and date a married man named Gboyega. At the hosptial to plead with his father once again with no success, he takes a walk and comes across Ayoola being delivered for test, #5. or ask your favorite author a question with Menawhile, police have begun to investigate the death of Femi, the most recent of Ayoola’s victims. And I get it; the cover art is (pardon my pun) killer and the title exudes a certain titillation that will make a reader quickly reach for the book on the shelf. More questions about My Sister, the Serial Killer…. Gboyega eventually dies under mysterious circumstances, and it seems to Korede that Ayoola poisoned him. Despite his abusiveness, Korede’s mother consistently pretends that she always loved her husband, for she fears social ostracism otherwise.

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