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July 24, 2020

While you can’t stop it from happening, you can slow its progress. While you can survive a few days without water and a couple of weeks without food, you can’t survive longer than, at most, five minutes without oxygen. And with the pandemic, at-home therapies are slated to be the next frontier of innovative treatments. She uses her extensive knowledge in health and science to educate others through well-researched and informative articles. Ozone therapy shows much promise in the health and wellness realm. Many individuals have used ozone therapy as a way to ‘biohack’ the body. Our equipment is designed for ease-of-use, accuracy and convenience. “Many case reports have come out of Italy with tremendous success. *The information, statements and products provided on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Free radicals are a byproduct of the body when it produces energy. Their at-home ozone kit provides the perfect balance of convenience and affordability. Ozone therapy at home includes practices like rectal, vaginal, or ear insufflations, ozone saunas, or drinking ozonated water. Like exercise and diet, ozone therapy is a key component in ensuring health and wellness. While a recent scientific review shows that clinical trials are underway to analyze ozone therapy against lumbar-herniated discs, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease, cystic fibrosis, autoimmune disorders, and more. When they become damaged, various dysfunctions occur, including many chronic diseases and a range of complications. Ozone therapy utilizes ozone gas, a form of oxygen, to improve health and potentially fight disease. Oxidative stress occurs from an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. In addition to ozone therapy, proper lifestyle habits will reduce oxidative stress. At this time, it would be negligent to ignore ozone therapy as a potential treatment for viral infections, even though it has been underutilized in conventional medicine.”. In a clinical setting, ozone therapy may cost thousands of dollars and require many treatments. The other factor contributing to aging is oxygen efficiency—the body’s ability to use oxygen. Most recently, ozone therapy has been in the news as a possible treatment for viral infections. With Simply O3’s at-home ozone therapy kit, you can access all the benefits of ozone therapy from the comfort of your own home. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (Please see our store if you need Medical Ozone Generator and regulator). Yet, it is always important to note that — while some treatments may work for one person, they may not work for another. Oxygen is the most important element of life. It is equipped with a 6-month money-back guarantee and a full refund, with no questions asked if it doesn’t work for you. Oxygen is undeniably the most important element of life. Bringing Ozone Therapy Home: Simply O3 Product Review. In fact, ozone therapy may take as many as 10 treatments before any noticeable improvements occur. The latest research shows the potential for ozone therapy to regulate the immune response and antioxidant reaction. Learn how to tap into your unique healing potential by signing up for our newsletter. Easy To Use Ozone Kits and Bundled Products Simply O3 strives to provide the highest quality ozone generators on the market. As you age, this stress increases exponentially. Join our mailing list and receive exclusive offers + information! But how does ozone therapy work, what illnesses is it used for, and is it right for you? Here are 3 of our most popular ozone therapy kits. And ozone therapy has become a mainstay in the biohacking toolkit. You can probably guess where this is going…. It has even been attributed to decelerating the aging process. This involves all processes, from oxygen intake to the ability to transfer oxygen from red blood cells to other tissues. When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all. Follow the link and use the code INNOVATIVE for 10% off your purchase. Like exercise and diet, ozone therapy is a key component in ensuring health and wellness. Combine these simple lifestyle habits with a few targeted therapies, like ozone therapy, and you’ll be amazed at how well your body feels and functions. The Story of Micah Lowe. However, more statistically-accurate research and testing are needed. Ozone therapy kit: generator with accessories, single output The RU-100 is one-chamber ozone generator, single output, fed by an oxygen source, either an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (sold separately). Could it potentially help you live longer and combat chronic and life-threatening diseases? She worked as a Kinesiologist at a health clinic in Ottawa, Canada for many years before pursuing a full-time writing career. These free radicals then steal electrons from other molecules, which destroys the cell and its DNA. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol, get adequate exercise, reduce stress, consume a balanced, nutritious diet, and prioritize regenerative sleep, every night. At Innovative Medicine, we believe in personalization and striking the right combination of treatments tailored to you and your body. Another study in 2017 indicates improvements in heart failure markers. Our equipment is designed for ease-of-use, accuracy and convenience. Ozone therapy works by stimulating homeostasis within the body. Ozone therapy at home is easy once you have the equipment and the oxygen tank. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Some people also do injections and direct ozone IVs at home. Oxidative stress is damage caused by free radicals. It also offers a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Ozone Therapy Kit for Ozone Respiratory Therapies beneficial for people suffering from Asthma, Bronchial dysfunctions, Headaches and Migraines, and with all blood oxygen deprivation conditions. Innovative Medicine is about restoring your body and mind’s power to heal itself. Excess free radicals also destroy the mitochondria. With life expectancy doubling in the last 200 years, many individuals are searching for new ways to increase longevity and improve their health. Types of Ozone Treatment for Home Use Ear Insufflation – An ear stethoscope is used to administer ozone that has been mixed with water. The unit takes the oxygen coming in and transforms it from two molecules of oxygen (O 2) to three molecules (O 3). Here are 3 of our most popular ozone therapy kits. Is ozone therapy the medicine of the future? The ozone mixes with the oil to make it safe for your nasal passageways and lungs. Ozone therapy may help decelerate the aging process by reducing oxidative stress. Black Friday - 35% OFF Nearly ALL Products (automatically applied at checkout - click for details). Nasal Insufflation – A nasal cannula is used to administer ozone with oil. With Simply O3’s at-home ozone therapy kit, you can access all the benefits of ozone therapy from the comfort of your own home. But at- home ozone therapy offers the convenience and affordability that a clinic simply cannot. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices that may affect your health. It provides your system with a form of oxygen (O3) that may lower oxidative stress and improve oxygen utilization. Her passions include helping others, traveling, and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life. Ear insufflation only takes six minutes as you have colds, infections, or congestion. And with the pandemic, at-home therapies are slated to be the next frontier of innovative treatments. However, they have nailed down two fundamental factors attributed to aging: oxidative stress and oxygen utilization or efficiency. Governing health authorities do not support the use of ozone in medicine. Disclaimer: Simply O3 clarifies that the products displayed on this website are not approved medical devices (unless otherwise stated). Yet, it’s important to note that ozone therapy isn’t just for those with a serious illness. Simply O3 LLC makes no claims nor suggestions regarding the use of ozone, oxygen, saunas, or ozone related products for ozone therapy for cancer or any other diseases or health challenges. Ozone therapy uses a form of oxygen to improve health and prevent disease. https://innovativemedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ozone-therapy.jpg, https://innovativemedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Innovative-Medicine-Logo-Enfold2.png, 5 Natural Sleep Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Nightly Rest, Energized Distilled Water and The John Ellis Machine, life expectancy doubling in the last 200 years, Ozone Therapy – Breaking Down the Science, Benefits, and Facts, What’s an Ozonaut? Simply O3 is a family-owned business that manufactures and sells ozone machines for home use. Additionally, excess free radicals can occur from poor lifestyle habits, including smoking, high alcohol intake, lack of exercise, and poor sleep or diet. Simply O3 is an efficient and effective product offering ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home.

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