se electronics x1a vs x1s

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July 24, 2020

Although I have found very positive reviews for both of these mics I would love to hear which one people prefer. SE has since expanded the range, using the same chassis for a ribbon microphone (X1 R), tube condenser (X1 T) and a version tuned for use on kick drums (X1 D). The X1 A It could be your first mic - but you'll want to keep it forever. Where the original X1 broke the cost vs. performance barrier, the X1 A completely shatters it all over again, providing an even more affordable entry point into the acclaimed X1 Series mics from sE. SE-x1 or AT2020? They are both very close in price range yet I can't find any … The newest addition to the line-up, the X1 A…

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