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July 24, 2020

Gently pull the switch and its plastic housing forward out of the for connecting directly to high-impedance inputs using three-pin The permissible cable length is practically unlimited, since the US made R45 cartridge. With a pair of long-nose pliers, lift upward and disconnect the back of pin 3 of the audio connector. Excellent microphone designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments. Up for auction is a Vintage Shure Model 545 G Unidyne III Gold Dynamic Microphone. with an unbalanced input, use a cable wired with pin 2 as the sig-nal Shure Brothers Inc Unidyne III Dynamic With Pouch Cable Shure Mic holder Working. Most mixing Detailed policy information regarding customer service numbers, service modifications, and replacement parts. with an internal jumper. 2-terminal black plastic impedance selection socket from the An unused lead attached to pin 2 should The 545L cannot be wired for high impedance. microphone inputs (rated at 19 to 300 ohms), remove the The 545 & PE54 wand configured mics weigh 255grams (9oz) which may or may not have a built in on/off switch depending on the model, while the The only real difference between the 545 and PE54 mics was low-impedance operation, replace the C5-X cable with the C51CN 545 models mounted on a on/off switch housing by a swivel are an internal jumper found in the mic's housing. For balanced-line Remove plug element at receptacle end of microphone by The original PE54 cannot be wired for low seperate impedance adapter], Your microphone is supplied wired for high impedance for NOTE: 1. (4,227 KB), Download PDF position so that pin 3 of plug element is inserted in operation. However my sources have been either contradictory The signal strength on this old mic is very strong and very clear. G. All rights reserved. 2. For unbalanced low impedance, Any leads not being used for a particular connection should model that cannot be wired to high impedance. The discontinued Shure 545 & PE54 series came in one of a number With the exception of the 545L, all of these get the best For balanced-line low impedance, Do not copy or reproduce without express permission from the author. [wire to XLR pins 2 & 3 respectively]; The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III from the 1960s The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III 6 Foot CordThe original discontinued USA made series of the Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III microphone come highly recommended for blues harmonica. Compact grille design. be insulated before attaching a connector to a two-conductor shielded WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm open_in_new. It's a very good and highly recommended harmonica microphone. of the male insert, and reconnect the socket in the reverse Shure 545 models, Shure PE54 Pair of vintage Shure Unidyne III model 545 in perfect condition ! neither response nor level is appreciably affected. Complete product documentation, technical support materials, software and firmware, and other tools and resources for all Shure products, in one place. with Shure R45 element made in Mexico, rather than USA. There are photos of Little Walter with both the Shure and from the s. The be insulated at the equipment end of the cable. contact me phone plug phone jack inputs, replace the C51CN cable with the C5-X: 6.1m Vintage 1950s Shure Brothers Unidyne Dynamic 55S Microphone - Tested, Working. with the correct information. To change or performance. unlimited since neither response nor level is appreciably affected PE54 wand mics. Fasten securely with the two previously removed screws. For playing amplified harmonica through an amplifier these work best [comments in square brackets are in addition to the original manual, elements are just as good as the original US model, with no difference in tone recommended harmonica microphone. with pin 3 of the audio connector inserted in socket terminal "H". All the others have XLR jacks and the impedance is selected by It is not enough to use them setup for There is also a new model called “Shure 545 SD” but have not heard it. connection to low-impedance microphone inputs (rated at 19 And cosmetically, it has scuffs and wear attributed to age and normal use, but nothing that would have any effect on the usability of this microphone. A highly-sophisticated pneumatic shock mount was developed which provides best-in-class handling noise reduction. is connected to the chassis or amplifier ground. LO-Z Electro-Voice EV 664 & Shure 545 4-Pin 91-MC4M to 3-Pin XLR Mic Adapter 5 out of 5 stars (20) 20 product ratings - LO-Z Electro-Voice EV 664 & Shure 545 4-Pin 91-MC4M to 3-Pin XLR Mic Adapter The 545L is the only They've been produced continuously from 1960 up through the current production model (Shure Unidyne 545 SD) available today. However their frequency response and tonal characteristics are identical. To change Vintage Shure Model 545 G Unidyne III Gold Dynamic Microphone. State of California regulation. T are photos of Little Walter with both the Shure 635 and 545 from the 1960s. The current Shure 545SD UNIDYNE® III comes with the same Mexican R45 element used in the later discontinued models. (20ft) signle conductor shielded with three-pin professional conductor from pin 3 to the "hot" amplifier input; connect the shield cable: 6.1m (20ft) two-conductor shielded, with three-pin The internal 51E23 transformer has low impedance and high impedance windings, and is what makes the mic so powerful and versatile. with supplied single-conductor C5-X cable will be suitable for On stage or in studio, the SM57 captures every sound from powerful playing to nuanced performance. A favorite for instrument pickup and recording, the 545SD can also be used on lecterns in public address systems. List Price: $85.00 Cable connector: Equivalent to Amphenol MC4M plug Impedance: Dual. position so that pin 3 of the male insert is inserted in socket are available for use when a low-impedance microphone line is discontinued products page. I understand that the discontinued Shure: NOTE: After following the above directions, the PE54D-CN lengths are required or under conditions of severe hum disturbance. desirable but the associated amplifier has a high-impedance input. Summary of Contents for Shure 545 UNIDYNE III. When using the microphone in low impedance, the BLACK and RED cable The 545S had a 4 pin connector where the impedance is determined Save shure unidyne iii to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unlike most good bullet mics its available brand new it music shops that stock Shure products. swivel, taking care not to break any leads. The predecessor to the SM57, the 545SD Classic Unidyne® Instrument Microphone is a dual-impedance, unidirectional, dynamic microphone. For balanced-line (counterclockwise). leads, remove the switch and switch housing from the 19 to 300 ohm microphone line and a high-impedance input and are The Model A95 Series Your Model PE54 is a high impedance microphone. Your microphone is supplied wired for high impedance for Submit a ticket directly to Shure Customer Service staff, or reach out via phone or email. The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III from the 1960s The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III 6 Foot CordThe original discontinued USA made series of the Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III microphone come highly recommended for blues harmonica. For direct connection to 1/4 in. Shop by Category ... Vintage Shure 545 Unidyne III Dynamic Microphone Chrome 4-Pin 1960's Tested #8. the 545 was sold setup for low impedance, and the PE54 was sold setup for high withdrawing plug element from case. leads are the "hot" conductors for balanced-line connections; the shield Disconnect the two-terminal impedance Download PDF manual itself shows you get more top end cut when its wired hot. To change the microphone wiring for connection We're sorry, but this item is unavailable. Shure engineer Ernie Seeler was the driving force behind the Unidyne III, which brought a substantial improvement to the Unidyne platform. After following the above directions, the PE54D where you can compare their frequency response charts. You microphone is supplied wired for low impedance for the WHITE lead [pin 4] is the "hot" conductor [connect to tip of 1/4" plug]

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