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July 24, 2020

Relax, enjoy, have fun. Still, Shure made sure that it offers just as rich of a recording when it comes to vocals. This makes them great (especially the SM57) for recording extremely loud instruments such as kick and snare drums, and loud guitar cabinets at very close proximity. Shure SM58 Vs SM57 Conclusion All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In this SM57 vs SM58 comparison, we’ll go over some data and information on these two great mics. Full Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. With SM58-LC, you can opt to receive the microphone without the cable, perhaps if you already have one. The Shure SM57 is a Dynamic microphone that has a frequency response of 40Hz to 15kHz and it’s designed to record instruments and to be used on a live setting. WhatPods is a professional network and learning community just for podcasters. Like the SM57, the SM58 can be taken with you anywhere, thanks to its durable construction. Outfitted with a contoured frequency response, the SM57 also naturally reduces background noises and features a pneumatic shock mount system to minimize those worrisome vibrations. A cardioid dynamic microphone, the SM57 is designed primarily for picking up instruments, whether amplified or acoustic. A cardioid dynamic microphone, the SM57 is designed primarily for picking up instruments, whether amplified or acoustic. With a concentration on capturing quality vocals, the SM58 also has a pneumatic shock mount. Of course, this baseline description of each microphone only scratches the surface on how they compare and contrast from each other. Click here to sign up as a podcast host and join the host community. The contoured frequency response streamlines production, making it a much smoother journey to the best possible audio quality. But don’t let that fool you. If nothing else, Shure clearly knows its customer base well enough to segment its products for each application. Don’t forget to introduce them to the community. Its customized vocal response for sound is a world standard for singing as well as speech. On this post, we are going to compare SM58 Vs SM57 just for our readers. Even more impressively, the uniform cardioid pattern and built-in shock mount system ensure that it captures all the nuance in your voice. In some cases, a condenser microphone may be preferred, but as far as these two go, dynamic is the name of the game. This will add to vocals or instruments with harmonics in that region. We'll notify you when the community has launched. The SM58 and SM57 do use the same cartridge. Podcasting attracts millions of intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful listeners from around the world. It too has a uniform cardioid polar pattern, allowing for every nuance of your voice to be captured clearly and evenly. Sorry, you can only endorse one episode per show per day. While the SM57 solely operates with a wired connection, the SM58 can work both with or without a cable. Both the SM57 and the SM58 have the durability and precise engineering that Shure is known for, each catering to a very distinct yet specific segment of the company’s consumer base. Note: If you don’t know the differences between the Shure SM57 and the SM58 and would like to know more, check this post. You’ll still be able to evade the background noise that would otherwise compromise your production. Dynamic microphones are known for their durability, ability to absorb surrounding noise with minimal interference and their ability to function without an additional power source. But some circumstances would benefit from having an additional option within reach. We’ll get into a more high-level comparison in a moment, but first, let’s take a closer look at the SM57 and SM58 so that we know exactly what we’re dealing with here. It takes a community to make a podcast. But if you’re wondering whether the SM57 and SM58 take advantage of different transducers, you’ll be pleased to know that — in keeping with the consistent pricing — both Shure microphones are based on the exact same cartridge design. One could expect the same exact sensitivity as a function of position for both of these mics. Ready to jump into greater detail on Shure’s SM57 and SM58? Whatever you intend to use it for, you’ll probably consider your Shure microphone to be a wise investment indeed. It is therefore best suited for the stage. The frequency response of the SM57 vs the SM58 is very similar overall, with some subtle differences becoming noticeable upon further analysis. You cannot put a price on the freedom afforded to you by a wireless experience. Shure SM57 vs SM58 Conclusion: Similarities & Differences, Frequency Response Similarities & Differences, What is a Monitor Speaker? At a distance, the difference is probably not noticeable. The cardioid pattern is great for focusing in on a single source such as a vocalist or an instrument. Shure even has videos of both the SM57 and SM58 being run over by a tour bus and still working fine afterwards! The distinct grille designs each place the diaphragm in a different location, optimizing the acoustic range even before one second of audio is recorded. SM57 vs SM58: Introducing the Options. This option allows for sound to be captured from all sides, creating a more immersive experience for listeners and leaving room for more than one source to be evenly picked up. If you need to be free to move around during your recording (such as during a speech or other live performance), then this is the microphone you need. Both have peaks in the treble region, but the SM57 peaks at 6 kHz while the SM58 peaks at 5 kHz. Please provide an email address so that we contact you to verify the details. The WhatPods’ community loves discovering new products, but please don’t spam, badger, or bully. The SM58 and SM57 do use the same cartridge. You’ll receive a swivel stand adapter and storage bag with either microphone so that you’ll be ready to roll as soon as you open up the box. Shure SM57;SM58. to 5 shows. The specs for these mics contain a few small differences, which we’ve outlined below: A key difference between these two mics in build is the built-in spherical wind screen on the SM58. If that is the reason that you need a mic for, then you are in for a memorable recording experience with the SM57. The SM57 does better with deep voices than the Sm58. But their construction and design mean that your choice really boils down to what you intend to use the microphone for. But at extremely close distances, the difference is noticeable. The SM57 was designed for recording instruments and that’s why it has a smaller grille, because pops and winds are not a concern. All rights reserved. Both are cardioid dynamic microphones. We’ve discussed already that the SM57 is best suited for the studio. Shure SM57 and SM58 would be the very best Shure mics within their produce. Surprisingly - the SM58 and SM57 sounded very different. Still, Shure made, well, sure that it offers just as rich of a recording when it comes to vocals. Dynamic microphones operate somewhat like a speaker in reverse – converting sound waves into electrical … With its wired connectivity limiting movement and its focus on picking up quality instrumentation sound, the SM57 is meant to be used to capture performances in the studio. Shure-- SM57 vs SM58? Please confirm the best email address to send the instructions to. Even so, the SM57 and SM58 do share a few things in common. The 57 has a better low frequency response. We value our community member's privacy. So it should be a relief that Shure’s pricing is consistent between these two microphones, considering that they are more or less on par as far as the level of production they each yield. Moreover, because the SM57 is built to last, you can cut loose during your performance without causing any harm to your recording. Then keep reading. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. No matter what your project is, you’ll want to be able to capture it in the best way possible. For those in the market for a new mic, it’s worth comparing two of Shure’s most successful microphones, the.

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