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July 24, 2020

Survivex and AIS Training develop free wind industry guide for businesses. That was quite exciting to hear.”. Stole The Show drops us into the heart of the music streaming revolution. I think that’s quite clever and almost an in-joke and nod towards that accent.”. 2017. There are memories of running around in the mud and having to wear welly boots that were covered with hessian and made to look like they were of the period.”. King of the Swindlers – The inside story on the north-east financial adviser who stole £13 million, Hidden Hurt: Our special investigation into domestic abuse, Pandemic Pedal Power: Our series on cycling and active travel, History of Drugs: Our special series on how evil trade spread in North-east from 1980 to 2000. “I think there were a few punches thrown. Savaged by critics at the time it has gone on to be much-loved and massively popular, with several sequels (of diminishing returns) and a spin-off TV series. Before Barclays, Kygo was in an oddly indefinable position. In one scene you can see someone holding up the bricks behind the wall, just for a split second. He needed a test to gauge his standing outside of the digital world. I don’t think I’d like to live forever.”. And I agree. 51 min. “I first saw it at a midnight cinema screening in 1994, having missed it on video and DVD. Later, on 21 August 2015, a solo version by James was released. A Dundee engineering firm said its major machinery investments demonstrate its confidence and resilience in a tough marketplace. That wasn’t the end of some of the more quarrelsome aspects for the extras. However, no one had been in this position before, so there were no common benchmarks to go by. This caused quite an outcry, the crew was saying if you don’t feed them they will leave as well as saying it’s just not right to not feed them. They had car batteries behind them and wires going up through their arms and into the metal to make it spark. Some of the punches you see on screen were being thrown for real. All Rights Reserved. It has a bit of everything. He put as much time and effort into trying to get his Scottish accent right to play the immortal Connor MacLeod  – helped along the way by Aberdeen-born acclaimed voice coach Joan Washington. Maybe it was a bit of both, because a lot of the extras were professionals.”. His success across streaming platforms, driven by his invention of the “tropical house” genre, changed the fundamental rules of how an artist succeeds. They all had different responses to it. But it did result in a little bit of antagonism between the extras and the producers.”. “The story of this man who lives through the centuries and lives and loves and loses people and gains new people, that’s a story that deserves to be retold. “Although the common theme that came out of my interviews was rain,” said Jonathan. The make-up artist, Lois Burwell talks about lying in the bottom of the boat when they were shooting a loch scene, with her head underneath Christopher Lambert’s bottom and Sean Connery at the other end of the boat. Jonathan Melville, who has just published the definitive book on the making the original Highlander, A Kind Of Magic. When he was in the car driving back to his flat, he started writing the lyrics for the song, Who Wants To Live Forever. . It has action, a bit of comedy, fantasy and romance and, of course, Scotland,” said Jonathan, saying the film was a showcase for the country. Equinor has been ordered to carry out an assessment at one of Norway’s biggest oil refineries after an investigation uncovered “unacceptable” conditions. Five Supporting Actors Who “Stole The Show” in Famous Movies. “Christopher talks about the voice coaching being almost as intensive as learning the choreography for the sword fights because he had to spend weeks and weeks trying to learn this,” said Jonathan Melville, who has just published the definitive book on the making the original Highlander, A Kind Of Magic. “There was a little bit of tit-for-tat when one extra would maybe rap the person he was fighting across the knuckles with the wooden sword. There is a romantic side to that,” he said. Stole The Show drops us into the heart of the music streaming revolution. “Everywhere they went it rained. He quite enjoyed it.”. Highlander: 35 years since Scotland stole the show in cult film starring Queen, Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert by Scott Begbie November 24, … TV-14. Other tracks on the film soundtrack include A Kind Of Magic, One Vision and Gimme The Prize, which all featured on Queen’s 12th studio album, A Kind Of Magic. “Like any film, producers watch the pennies but sometimes that can get to extreme levels,” said Jonathan. All of this played out to an iconic soundtrack by Queen. The band members got on board with Highlander after being sent the script and shown excerpts from the film in a cinema in London. I think people respond so well to this character of Connor MacLeod who is fighting for good and to protect people. “Maybe some of the extras felt they would just wind up the crew, but I think it surprised a few people that an effigy of Margaret Thatcher was burned.”. “Maybe that was in the cut scenes,” laughed Jonathan, a freelance journalist and author whose book about the movie, filmed in 1985, was released in the UK in September and is coming out in the US next month. That jolted the producers into saying ‘okay, we’ll feed them’. This version was included in his EP, The Temple. “When it came to feeding the hundreds of extras, on the first day the decision was made they weren’t to be given breakfast. “Although it looks big and exciting and explosive, it was just guys behind them, pulling cords and things like that.”. Sign up for our newsletter and let our nostalgia team take you on a trip back in time. So to take time out to do Highlander was quite a big thing.”. The movie even gained an R rating for its risqué content, which left some fans of the original show unhappy. Spikkin Scots: Listen to the different dialects of Scotland with our interactive map, “And he did have Sean Connery acting opposite him. Central to the film is, of course, Sean Connery as Ramirez, Macleod’s fellow Immortal, friend and mentor. Cliff Richard: Fans battled police during Bachelor Boy’s 1959 north-east show, The Christmas lights of old Aberdeen still dazzle after all these years, SNP conference: Indyref2 not only item on agenda, Perfect Food and Drink Gifts for Christmas, Christmas Countdown: DC Thomson Shop Gift Guide Out Now, Equinor ordered to carry out assessment after ‘unacceptable’ practices uncovered at Mongstad refinery, Highland wind farm suffers narrow defeat in Wind World Cup final, ‘Significant opportunities’: Dundee engineering group shows optimism with investments, Want to win wind work? But Connery’s presence was enough to help settle some unrest among the hundreds of extras taken on for the movie’s stunning battle scenes in and around Glen Coe. Leading UK energy trainers, Survivex and AIS Training, have developed a comprehensive free guide to the wind industry for businesses looking to diversify or secure work in the sector. “And there’s a sequence just before Sean Connery’s Ramirez is killed and a tower they are in collapses. “It was mentioned by one of the assistant directors that if it wasn’t sorted out he was going to get Sean Connery involved. “And, of course, let’s get Scotland back on the big screen again, let’s get Eilean Donan back on there and get more tourists across here.”. That is no longer the case, with a reboot being mooted, helmed by Chad Stahelski, the director behind the John Wick films, starring Keanu Reeves. “It really rides up,” she told GQ in 2017. SSE Renewables has been left thinking what could have been after one of its Highland wind farms suffered a narrow defeat in the final of the Wind World Cup.

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