taylor gs mini size comparison

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July 24, 2020

I am looking to replace the bridge pins on my GS mini with Ebony. The Taylor GS-Mini and Big Baby Acoustic Scale Down Body Sizes Without Sacrificing Quality! Taylor GS mini acoustic guitar has an ebony tonewood fingerboard with 20 frets. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany at Musician’s Friend; I hope you found this review helpful. I have heard that they are not the same size as the full sized Taylors. Not sure how much truth there is to it or not. Our beloved GS Mini is one of those guitars. It has Mahogany tonewood back and sides and a layered Sapele bracing pattern. Here in this Taylor GS Mini review article, you will get to know why this is hailed as an exemplary first-rate instructional tool when it comes to learning how to play for beginners. We have a guitar shape to match every type of player, from strummers to fingerstylists. Find the guitar shape that is right for you. Well, Taylor's got two of them for you; the Taylor GS-Mini and … With a scale length of 23.5 inches, this instrument also features a slim Sapele neck. will the standard taylor ones work or is there another brand that will fit better. Check out our Taylor GS Mini comparison video where we battle Spruce vs Mahogany vs Koa! I can see someone owning both the GS Mini and Grand Concert and enjoying both of them. If you want to compare the GS Mini to other guitars in a similar price range check out the link below. Taylor GS Mini Comparison – It’s Spruce vs Mahogany vs Koa! I find that the GCs are so much more than the GS Mini, and I am a Mini fan. Any questions or comments very welcome in the comments section below. Since its arrival in 2010, it’s taken on a life of its own by captivating players with the perfect mix of qualities to make it feel fun and accessible — a comfortably scaled-down size, a full-bodied voice, and easy playability … Part of that is probably due to it's bigger size but the tone from a GC, whether a 300 series or higher, sounds better than a GS Mini - and it should based on the price. This is my first post here and I have a question. Hello everyone. Listen to how these guitars sound in the hands of two different guitarists and how each style of wood may be suited to certain players. Taylor GS Mini Review. Acoustic Guitar’s Under 500 … Each Taylor guitar body shape yields a distinctive tonal personality. Taylor has been perfecting its mini models for more than 15 years now – pristine portability, perfect projection, and perennial playability. Looking for a portable acoustic that won't break the bank, looks great, and feels as good as a full-size acoustic? I currently am the owner of a Taylor GS Mini mahogany.

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