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July 24, 2020

If you’d rather wait until it's safe, head under the building to find a secret room with a Bonfire! One last Thrall waits in the rafters at the other end, so watch for his descent and dodge his strikes to counter with your own. She’ll move in for a deadly embrace, which you’ll need to dodge - not block - or take a ton of fire damage. Try to lure them one by one if their erratic movement is too much. Now you can lure out the Village Workers and let the giant take them out through the magic of no friendly fire. When he’s gone, use the ladder to defeat the remaining one if he hasn’t hopped down. This Demon is no joke though - so be careful. If you run over the roof to the right of the ladder leading to the overpass, you can look down into a nearby ravine that shows the next Bonfire is just around the bend! Creep around the building on the right side and follow the path up to a ladder. To nab it early, head to the Undead Settlement bonfire and head through the house filled with thralls. What’s worse - there’s no apparent way to get up to them, at least from this level. When he summons a large healing orb, try and drive him away from it, while keeping close to it yourself to gain some of its power. ... you will be teleported to a new area where you can join a covenant called Mound-Makers. Heading back into the building, stop on the landing down the stairs and look over in the corner to spot another Thrall right below you, hop down and take him while you fall, then go fight the other in the far corner. There’s a Crystal Lizard scurrying about, and two items on the far side that have a Titanite Shard each - but if you haven’t killed the far butcher, he’ll try to ambush you by leaping down to attack. Be sure to take the Kiln back to Ludleth of Courland at Firelink Shrine, and you'll be able to trade in boss souls like that of the Greatwood for special items not obtainable anywhere else. You can change between covenants freely and at any given moment - you just have to equip the special item of the covenant you want to be a part of. He'll invade if you are embered at the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire. Thankfully, you can duck under a lot of his moves, and Siegward can keep him busy at times if you need to heal. As you do, be prepared to face a Thrall hanging off the ceiling. Head back upstairs with, While you're up here, look towards the large tower and cathedral looking building ahead of you. Leave the sacs around the middle hand for last, and dart to and fro, striking at the stomach before dodging out before the hand can react and strike you. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough and Guide for Dark Souls 3, continuing with the Undead Settlement. I know theres stuff to do, some kind of covenant? From the Undead Settlement bonfire, head through the building, toward a burning tree surrounded by enemies. Scavenge it to find Loretta’s Bone, which sounds a lot like the name of the lady that Greirat wanted you to find. Outside of the graves, you’ll be in the ravine below where the three butchers were. He won’t actually be hostile, quite the opposite - if you offer him a token of friendship (removes nothing from your inventory) he’ll not only give you a Young White Branch, but he’ll no longer hurt you when firing his arrows! - Duration: 7:29. Undead Settlement Elevator Area. This may require patience, and use of items like the throwing knife or alluring skull, but it’s better to fight these enemies one on one than against a group. Both eventually end up in similar areas, but the paths are very different, and one path may have an effect over the other. In the small alley, open the door and enter the building to find a room full of corpses, but not all are content to stay dead. It looks like it's seen better days… or maybe it was always a haven for torture and death. Keep moving at all times, land a few strikes on its weak points, and move on before it can retaliate. Teach the Village Worker a lesson for closing that gate on you, and proceed straight down the road to a building with another Bonfire, because why not. You’ll need to lure the ones on the ground out of sight of the blowguns, before carefully making your way to the buildings. Be wary as you continue on, as not all bones remain buried. The silver lining in this attack is that it leaves her wide open, letting you stroll around behind and deliver a nice backstab. Mound Makers: The Covenant; Recruit Cornyx of the Great Swamp; Undead Settlement Part III. Climb up onto the roof and search the scaffolding to find a body holding Flynn’s Ring.

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