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July 24, 2020

The USPS Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center on Lindbergh Boulevard in Philadelphia. USPS plants reinstall mail sorting machines, but Philly mail delays could rise due to new changes. Addresses were read and manually slotted into specific compartments. Our customers always come first, that's why our employees do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction with our solutions from the moment they leave our building. Fort Worth, TX – NPI, a prominent manufacturer of sorting systems in the mailing and parcel industry, today announces completion of expansion to May 16, 2018 Press Releases But instead, at least in Philadelphia, it’s resulting in thousands of letter pieces going unsorted, said Laurence Love, an assistant clerk craft director who operates mail sorting machines at the Philadelphia plant. -- The Flat Sorting Machines and Flat Sequencing Machines, or FSSs, perform similar tasks on larger sized paper mail, though they have run into trouble. After four federal judges blocked additional operational changes to the U.S. According to a grievance filed by the American Postal Workers Union and obtained by … Photos obtained by CNN are beginning to show where some of the 671 mail sorting machines the United States Postal Service has planned to remove have ended up. YOUR automation solution provider, available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Mail sorting machines at Philadelphia's Processing and Delivery Center have been disassembled. The time a machine usually finishes varies greatly and depends on the volume of mail that day. Although we use highly advanced and complex technologies, we make sure our user interfaces are incredibly easy to use so that our solutions can be used easily and reliably. Mail sorting equipment is being removed from U.S. “It can build up and lead to mail being left behind and mail being delayed.". “Nothing has been done to improve our processing.". “I know the employees are going to do everything they can to make sure those ballots get delivered,” said Kubat, who works as a clerk in the processing center. “We have tons of mail that we don’t get out,” said Love, the clerk. For much of the 20th century, mail was sorted by hand using what is called a “pigeon-hole messagebox” method. Our machines are programmed with energy efficient technology helping you save money by extending the life of parts and decreasing power consumption. But Philly mail delays aren’t getting better. Early forms of a mechanical mail sorter were developed and tested in the 1920s. “We still aren’t getting our mail on time,” said George John Smith, a 62-year-old Overbrook resident. Over time, though, it could delay carriers' work, said Frank Bollinger, business agent for the South Jersey Area Local. Not every machine has unsorted mail, but those sorting zip codes with heavy volumes, are struggling to finish, Love said. In the facilities where sorting machines are being reinstalled, mail is being processed faster. Eight letter sorting machines and one flat sorting machine have been decommissioned in the past two months, union leaders say. Postal Service and ordered it to reverse the changes that had been made, South Jersey and Delaware processing and delivery plants have started reinstalling some of the mail sorting machines that had been removed. In fact, despite federal court orders, more operational changes have occurred in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware processing facilities in the last week, according to union employees at all three locations. Carriers are usually only left to hand sort a few letters and flats that are unable to go through the machines. But Philly mail delays aren’t getting better. But Philly mail delays aren’t getting better, Pennsylvania judge temporarily blocks USPS changes, Changes to the Postal Service leave an Upper Darby mail carrier exhausted, yet eager to serve his residents, Trucks are still ordered to leave on time, California residents do not sell my data request. In Philadelphia, none of the nine sorting machines that were decommissioned this summer are set to be reassembled, said Nick Casselli, president of Philly’s American Postal Workers Union Local 89. He said reinstalling machines would greatly improve their ability to process all the mail, especially now that political mail is beginning to increase. Postal Service indicating 671 sorting machines are being pulled from post offices nationwide - … Industrial Kinetics is the mail sorting equipment manufacturer of the Novak Mail Sortation system. The Transorma, manufactured by the Dutch company Werkspoor, was first operated in Rotterdamin 1930 and then spread to other Dutch cities. But by 5 a.m., those items that haven’t been sorted yet are then only divided by route, not address, leaving some carriers with hundreds of pieces to sort themselves. In 1977, Henry Daboub created a legacy of exciting innovation by producing the first fully automated mail sorting machine. Nick Casselli, president of American Postal Workers Union, Local 89 at the U.S Post Office at 9925 Bustleton Ave. in Northeast Philadelphia in August. Several Members of Congress are concerned after seeing an internal Memo from the U.S. The judges ordered that the changes that had been made — which included the cutting of overtime, elimination of extra transportation trips to complete mail delivery, and the removal of mail sorting machines — be reversed. Postal Carrier drops off the mail at 28 Inverness Circle in Royersford, PA on Friday, August 21, 2020. » READ MORE: The head of the USPS said he was suspending changes. “But I’m just learning to live with it like this.”, © 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC Terms of Use/Privacy Policy/California Notice California residents do not sell my data request. It is something to be proud of. We utilize the latest automation technologies and software to make our solutions as advanced, efficient, and user-friendly as possible. Last Sunday, which is usually the Postal Service’s heaviest mail volume day, at least 20,000 pieces of mail were left unsorted across four machines. One has been sent to the scrap yard and cannot be salvaged, he said. Typically, the machines start sorting mail around 1 p.m., and don’t stop until the job is done. The Lehigh Valley’s processing center in Bethlehem Township lost three machines and has not been alerted that any will be replaced, said Andy Kubat, president of Lehigh Valley Area Local.

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