whole foods jalapeno hummus recipe

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July 24, 2020

Roasting the garlic is such a great idea. Insanely delicious! It is that good! What I would like to do with this delicious recipe is half it, but then use the other half ingredients such as avocado and chickpeas for another dip (would red be a stunning colour?). Love the recipe! It turned out light, bright, and delicious. Check out this tutorial! My first try, using a different recipe, was disgusting, so I was nervous time even try this. Thank you for sharing. This looks so delicious and easy to make too. Woooo Hooooo!! Super creamySavorySpicyMega healthySatisfying& Seriously delicious. Thanks for sharing, Gaby! Sounds delish!! Wow all my fave things in one recipe – I am making this at the weekend! Yes, exploding garlic can happen. I followed the recipe exactly. This is my favorite hummus recipe! I’m even going to make it for Friendsgiving. I made it with one jalapeño and it gives flavor but not a lot of heat. This will be probably the “way” I will make hummus. Very creamy with the avocado. They both raved about this and finished one 225gm tub (makes ~2.5 tubs) between themselves at one sitting. I found your recipe the other day, and I couldn’t wait to get the ingredients on my day off. I didn’t add the oil and I cut the tahini in half (to lower the fat) and it’s still delicious. Whole jalapenos are really hard to come by where I live. This is amazing, seriously! Stored covered, it will last for up to 1 week! I’m starting my own blog and I did a mini review on it and used one of your images, hopefully it’s okay but if not let me know and I’ll take it down :). Franny, we’re so glad you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for an amazing recipe! Have a question? It is so good, I’m not sure I made enough. So glad you enjoyed it. Thankfully, I’ve also persuaded John to jump on the spice train. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. I used fresh jalapenos from my garden and left out the avocado. Also, by my love of spicy food and Mexican-inspired flavors (like avocado, cilantro, cumin, and lime). Thanks so much for sharing! Hope this helps! My gosh! Elizabeth @ Pineapples and Polka Dots says. I used three serrano peppers and left most of the seeds inside. Should I try leaving in the seeds next time? This is what happens when guacamole and hummus get married ! Xo, This looks so yum! I cannot wait to come back and give a comment how this taste! I can’t wait to try this. Pinned! Fate that what this is! Well, it was really spicy! Thanks for all your hard work, it has helped us eat better. I used 2 jalapeños, and I did add the avocado. I can totally see using this in a roasted veggie wrap YUM!!! (I used two medium jalapeños and it was plenty spicy // amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). I freaking love hummus! Can’t wait for a potluck to come up so that I can share this with friends. L.P. This sounds awesome! ITS AMAZING! Taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Thank you Dana. This hummus is calling my name! Tasty nutrients for the win. And now I’m a cat man. Add to top of hummus, along with another drizzle of olive oil (optional) and fresh cilantro. Betty x. My mind is blown. I love roasting jalapenos, it adds of lovely smokiness, which I adore. And once again – I am definitely not a hummus lover but YOU have totally just changed my mind! Hope you guys love it. At this point it’s an all out competition to see who can win the spice off war. I made this today. YUM Dana! Somehow, John’s winning. If you make this recipe, let us know! Definitely need to toast those seeds, my husband liked that the most. This may just be the way I can get my guy to eat hummus!! I think this recipe sounds so yummy and would like to give it a try if it’s not too hot. So kind! Cheers! Definitely some kick this time. I WAS going to make tacos tonight, but I just texted my husband and suggested he get Chipotle for himself because the “taste test” turned into dinner for me. The spiciness is perfect. First recipe I’ve made in my first home. I love the roasted jalapeños and garlic, the addition of avocado and the crunch of pumpkin seeds! cor blimey…yummy in my tummy! Tastes just like the Hope brand (and in the comments, it sounds like it tastes like other store bought brands)!! I’ve been searching high and low for a jalapeño cilantro hummus, a la That-Trading-Grocery-Store which shall remain nameless. This is AMAZING! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! This recipe is very forgiving—both versions I made turned out so tasty! Not too crazy far, but my work schedule is a bit erratic, so satisfying a craving is not always easy. Thanks so much! This looks delicious, and so different from other hummus recipes I’ve made. I’ve never thought of using jalepenos. Problem solved! Nearly made me dribble. ). Make it as close to the day of serving as possible! I had the most trouble peeling the skin off those darn jalapeños haha. I made it exactly as the recipe states. We used two japelenos and left some of the seeds in for a kick. My husband loves it. I was wondering, how would you make this without Tahini? Perfect for snacks, or spreading on a sandwich and gluten free, vegan and healthy too!

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