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July 24, 2020

With one goal in mind, surprisingly, Woosa helps people to get a good night’s sleep. “I [ended up paying] $4,000 for my mattress from a major brand, that I barely tested, just because [the salesman was pushing] a free branded vacuum cleaner for one day only,” Tyler says. A post shared by Woosa Sleep (@woosasg) on Jan 15, 2018 at 12:36am PST. He says by keeping the business online, they do away with third party retailers, showrooms, hiring salespeople and giving them a commission—and along with that they shed a bulk of costs. The Woosa Mattress gives you the perfect support for your body, I no longer wake up with body aches anymore. Their search took them further, ending up in Belgium, home to manufacturers that produce for famous, high-end mattress companies. No. Sleep is one of the most important necessities we need. For the longest time I've felt the toll my body has taken just because I wasn't sleeping enough, and sleeping well. Think go and try a full latex and one that is latex with spring first. "...they’re ditching everything you know about the traditional mattress industry." The Mysa Mattress. Young businesses that boldly go with just one stock keeping unit (SKU) are becoming more common these days. Woosa Mattress . If you find the mattress unsuitable, they will pick it up and issue a full refund with no questions asked. It was concluded by various research. I would spend around 1-2 hours just tossing and turning in bed every night, and this 1-2 hours means a lot to someone like me, who gets an average of 5-6hours of shut eye everyday. “We definitely never thought we would be selling mattresses,” say Tyler Peh and Jon Lim, close friends since secondary school. Delivery is QUICK and convenient, in 48H they send it right to your doorstep in a smart package like this. For Woosa, Tyler says they started making mattresses with the unpopular idea that “a universal level of comfort does exist”. If you don’t agree, simply return it within 100 days and get a full refund. 12k for a mattress is crazy, no matter how good, a mattress is suppose to last for only approximately 10 yrs. Like what you read? But why sell online, when mattresses require customers to test them in person to know if they really make you feel ‘woosa’? Do you have a Campbell Woods Collection mattress? A post shared by Woosa Sleep (@woosasg) on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:34am PDT. But here they are today, 29 years-old and co-founders of Woosa Sleep. The mattress is also under warranty for 10 years, yep! Don’t worry because returned mattresses are donated to charitable organization. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Woosa Premium Adjustable Queen Gel Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling + Washable Hypoallergenic Bamboo Removable Cover - Orthopedic Neck Support for Home and Hotel Collection at Amazon.com. “We did some preliminary market research on mattress preferences and buying behaviour, and found that Singaporeans tend to gravitate towards the same level of medium-firm comfort.”. And the key to sleeping well, boils down to not only the environment of your bedroom, the activities you do right before you go to bed, and very importantly. 201431998C. So today, I'm gonna introduce to you guys the mattress I've been enjoying SO MUCH the past few weeks -. what's the bed frame/divan that you are using? Later, friends invited their own friends, and their pool of testers “grew exponentially”, helping them suss out the tweaks needed to get the best balance. delivered to door step and easy unpackaging. Perhaps Singaporeans choose mattresses based on the same principle as Goldilocks? After their one-fits-all mattress, Woosa has grown to add pillows to their online store, and looks forward to creating a wider range of products to help Singaporeans sleep better. One thing about conventional mattress houses is that they allow only testing of the mattress on site. Some find it too soft, while some find it too hard,” he says. “So far, we’ve only had about 10% of returns, which is well within our expectations,” Tyler says. Since they’re confident to let people return their mattresses in 100 days, we wanted to know how often this really happens. Ltd. No risk, all gain. If you find the mattress unsuitable, they will pick it up and issue a full refund with no questions asked. Simply roll it out, wait 30 mins for it to deflate and you're bound to have a restful night. “It was simple, economical and gave us great margins,” Tyler says, “but the quality of materials just couldn’t meet our expectations.”. Woosa is a Singaporean company that sells mattresses made in Belgium. They are so confident about their products you don't have to worry about it! Read honest and … Tyler also says they speak to each of these customers directly to learn why they weren’t satisfied. Changing your mattress regularly is the golden advice to better back care. We had to make sure each material is efficiently utilised to keep costs low—no excessive materials or layers—each component is just where it should be. No more awkward gaps in between my lower back, and no more dead legs! So with their own brand, they’re ditching everything you know about the traditional mattress industry. Apart from that, I would wake up with shoulder and neck aches... not from hitting the gym too hard the day before, but from sleeping. They started off sourcing close to home at first, making samples from places like Malaysia, Batam and China. Read honest and … Made with premium Latex foam on the first layer and memory foam, you get a perfect balance between bounce, comfort and pressure relieving on your body. "..it has the perfect amount of firmness but it’s also soft enough to mould into." Comparing to Faye's previous mattress, it is 10cm thicker and bouncier! WHUT. so glad i purchased woosas' instead. Undaunted by these minor setbacks, they try to find out as much as possible about customers’ experiences as it eventually brings them closer to their goal of making a good night’s rest “simple and easily accessible”. It took me awhile to sleep every night, despite being tired physically and mentally, I just couldn't find the "perfect" position to fall asleep in the past. mattress quality comparable to those 4-5k ones. However, you will be getting a quality product, that is for sure. Last month, we interviewed a pair of siblings who are doing the same by just selling one product in the eyewear industry. Their bed-in-a-box offerings are not cheap compared to competitors. Instead, they were frustrated into motion by a bad experience as mattress buyers themselves when they remodelled their homes. “At the moment, feedback is quite evenly split from customers who return [our mattresses]. Stay updated with our weekly curated news and updates. Follow us on Facebook. Other popular influencers have also tried and endorsed Woosa’s products, including Mongchin Yeoh, Elaine Ruimin, and Novita Lam. Not too hard, not too bouncy, and not so soft that you sink in with trouble getting up.

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