1What is VC ROOM?
VC ROOM is an advanced technology for online teaching & learning.
2Who all can use this?
This can be used by Schools, Collges, Technical Institutions, Single subject experts, Marketing trainers and the like.
3How easy this is to use?
This is an easy to use technology, but feature rich.
4How secure the data is?
With VCROOM, all the data are kept in ecripted mode in cloud servers to ensure security. This data is not shared or used for any other purpose.
5 Do you have digital library?
Yes, we have.
6Do you have white board facility?
Yes, we have white board facility.
7Do you have live chat option?
Yes, we have powerful live chat option.
8Can teachers and students share their screen each other?
Yes, both teachers and students can share their screen each other for better learning.
9How much time can a teacher take class through VCROOM?
Teachers can take classes for any duration. There is no limitation for that.
10Do students need computer to use this?
No. Students can make use of exclusive mobile application.
11Does it require more internet data?
No. This application need very little data.
12Can we conduct online examinations through VC ROOM?
Yes, you can conduct online examination.
13Is it possible to conduct descriptive type of exams?
Yes, you can conduct exams which require descrptive type of answering.
14Can we conduct Viva thorugh this technology?
Yes, you can conduct VIVA through VC ROOM.
15Do you have file storing option?
Yes, you can keep files.
16What are the types of files that we can keep in this?
You can keep any types of files like text, audio, video, ppt, pdf etc.
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