A complete solution for effective, yet simple teaching and learning process.


Our learning management system enables educators to create a virtual classroom. The live classes can be recorded and are automatically uploaded to cloud servers for later reference. All institutions are provided with white label solutions to enhance their brand value and trust worthiness.


Online teaching- Create a virtual class room
Taking online classes have never been so easy
online teaching platform

VC ROOM is an advanced technology that enable teachers and subject experts to take classes online with ease.

Screen sharing option give extra edge for teachers to share various documents via their dash board to students.

White Board- Teach complex lessons with ease
White board for better teaching experience
white board

White board for teachers to explain complex formulae and mathematical calculations. This will give the real class room experience. Better teaching and easy learning assured.

Online Examinations- Both objective and descriptive type of questions possible
Conduct examinations and assessments online
online teaching platform

Teachers can conduct online examinations, assessments and Viva online more securely and effectively.

Data Security- Face recognition with encrypted data
Security of your data is our responsibility
online teaching platform

All data are kept encrypted and stored in cloud servers with utmost security.

Live Chat- Make classes more interactive
Live chat ensures more interaction

Teachers and students can interact well through voice/text chat. This will give more flexibility for mutual interaction.

Longer duration- No interruption for longer duration classes
Take classes with no limit on duration

Take class without bothering about duration limit. This will ensure tension free class without worrying about duration limitation for classes.

Record live classes- Later reference made easy for students
Option to record live classes

Record live classes for later use. This will give students the opportunity to clear doubts by viewing the classes repeatedly.

Mobile Application- Learn even when you are on the move
Mobile application for students

Record live classes for later use. This will give students the opportunity to clear doubts by viewing the classes repeatedly.

Students dash board- Everything in one place
Exclusive dash board for students

Everything related to students activity and records in one place. More convenient and effective.

Share documents- Make your teaching more effective
Share documents during online classes

Teachers can share documents in multiple formats like text, pdf, images, videos etc during classes to make the class more lively and effectively.

Reports- Empower the performance standards
Multiple reports

Teachers and management can take multiple reports based on different parameters to enhance the teaching and learning processes. Reports can be generated and exported in a single click.

White label solution- Let your brand value increase
Make your brand stand out

Educational institutions are offered white label solutions. This will enhance their brand value and open new revenue models for them.

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